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Energy Kidz Wraparound Care Club Sessions Filling Up Fast 2020-2021

With the new Academic Year just a few weeks away we are excited to support families once again with our action packed Wraparound Care Clubs. As a leading childcare provider and a trusted provider during COVID-19, Energy Kidz has been driving renewed operational measures for Safe Practice with their Summer Holiday Clubs throughout the pandemic. With over 10,000 parents welcomed throughout the period - the successful integration of Energy Kidz new Safe Practice Guide enabled them to engage children once again with fun and reliable childcare whilst demonstrating 0 cases of the virus linked to their clubs.


As we approach the Autumn Term, Energy Kidz have developed renewed operational measures and have put together a Wraparound Care Club Parent FAQ Guide to complement their Safe Practice Guide which answers the common questions that they have received from various parents and outlines how they are successfully integrating the new guidelines to ensure an Energy Kidz Wraparound Care Club is an engaging Safe Space for all this September and beyond…


Secure your child’s place for Autumn term! Bookings are now open across theWraparound Care Club with spaces filling fast – don’t miss out! Claim your spots at:

Parents can book online at find out further information at


If you would like to discuss any of the above information further please contact Hannah Norris at or Alex Hudson

Energy Kidz - Mon - Thurs 3 - 6pm in the Community Room next to the school