Cookham Rise Primary School


At Cookham Rise, teachers plan maths lessons according to the needs of their class.  Generally, Key Drivers would be selected from the school's Long-Term maths planning with the Drivers and associated activities detailed on the teacher's plans.

To aid teachers in the planning of maths and to provide a scaffold for lessons - particularly when teachers share responsibility of a class and a seamless continuum of planned learning is important to maintain - the Scholastic 100 Maths Lessons Scheme of Work has been purchased.  It is not anticipated that teachers will deliver directly from the scheme but will use it as a springboard from which to adapt and as guidance in implementing the new maths programme of study from September 2014.

Maths lessons in KS2 should be supported with a Self Assessment Grid as a means of focusing children on their next steps of learning (metacognition).

Medium Term Maths Planner (optional)

For use in all KS2 maths lessons