Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports


PTA meeting 15th of January 2019


Attendees: Jill O’Donovan – Michaela McLachlan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Victoria Strudwick – Lucy Andrews – Zaff Ashfaq– Dawn Bennett – Cara Wrightson.

Apologies : Katie Price – Natalie Reid-Hughes.


Katie chaired the session.


Welcome and thanks


Katie welcomed everyone present, especially parents coming to the meeting for the first time.


Chairman’s report 2017-2018


Katie addressed a general thank you to all involved in the running of the PTA events for the previous school year.

List of events carried out during 2017-2018 with associated helpers:




Bag to School

Marissa Holden

KS1 Halloween Disco

Jill O'Donovan and various volunteers

KS2 Film Night

Jill O’Donovan and various volunteers

Christmas Fair

Lizzie Perry and many volunteers

Christmas shows and refreshments

Various volunteers


Sarah Jane Renton

Parents Quiz Night

Katie Hone and volunteers

Reception Parents meeting - refreshments

Michaela McLachlan and volunteers

Summer Fair

Year 5 - Leng Forrest and many volunteers

Reception Parents picnic

Michaela McLachlan

Parents Rep coordinator

Michaela McLachlan

Marquee team

Various volunteers

Uniform shop

Katie Hone


School staff and caretaker Simon


Hardeep Singh, Jill O'Donovan, Joelle White and Michaela McLachlan


A special thank you to Deep as he was the PTA Chair for that year.


Treasurer’s report for 2017-2018


We had an independent accountant to check the account and the associated receipts for the whole year. Everything has been validated and signed, ready to be sent off to the Charity Commission.


List of what the PTA funded in 2017-2018:

2 MandM Productions (The Hobbit and Aladdin), a Maths Scheme, the Mathletics license, a Polar Fun day (Years 5/6), Farms 2 Ewe (Years 1/2), Coding workshops, an outdoor storage shed, school leavers’ book/end of year (Year 6), Hester Bancroft talk for parents, Eden Falconry (Years 3/4), Living eggs (Reception), a Planetarium visit (Years 5/6), Troublemaker theatre (Years 3/4), end of year trophies and KS1 Christmas presents.

This came at a cost of £8,291.90.


This expenditure was allowed thanks to all those events carried out in 2017-2018:

Happy Circus for the Summer Fair, Christmas Fair, Quiz Night, the Swimarathon, Bags 2 School, various commissions, sales from various refreshment stalls, bank charges, 2nd hand uniform shop.

Those events raised a total of £10,385.16.

The Summer Fair (£6,622.15) and the Christmas Fair (£2,936.02) are generally the key money-makers, although the Quiz Night (£1,709.30) is quickly catching up, in becoming one of the most popular events.

Other events are designed not really to make money but more to bring parents and children together (Halloween Disco Night and Film Night).


We raised more money than the previous year (+£4,000) whilst spending about the same amount (-£8,000).


As a thank you to Sue Lepage for checking our account independently, the committee agreed to give a £50 donation to the charity of her choice.


Elections of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary


The committee members were happy to carry on with their respective role, so the committee remains as follows:

Chair: Katie Hone

Treasurer: Jill O’Donovan

Secretary: Joelle White


Events and actions since last meeting


No actions carried over since last meeting.


Events since the last meeting:

The Christmas Fair took place in December and was once again a very successful and popular event that raised £2,600, the silent auction bringing by itself £1,200.

The Swimarathon took place in January. The money raised will be sent back to us at a later date (around March). It was mentioned that this event would benefit with a better promotion around Christmas, as many parents were not aware it was taking place.


Financial update


Jill has drawn the list of elements the committee had previously agreed to fund, and she asked whether this was still up to date or whether the staff had cancelled some elements.

Mrs Bennett confirmed most of those items either took place already or were in the process of being purchased, especially the reading books. She mentioned however that the clocks seem quite difficult to source, so it might take more time to buy those. There is also a question mark on the weather station for Years 1 and 2.

We currently hold £3,900 available, with £2,000 we keep as a working capital.

There is for the moment no request from the school staff.



- Mrs Bennett will chase up the request of the weather station.


Calendar of future events


Term 3 (7th of January – 15th of February)

- Parents Quiz Night, 1st of February.

Victoria gave the committee an update.

An Eventbrite link has been created ( to handle the booking, with an allocation of 2 tickets per parent. Half the spaces have been booked already. Parents will then have to pay, give their menu choice and their table request (if they have one). The hall can hold up to 12 tables of 10 (12 max).

Online payment is possible as long as they keep their class rep informed, so that the info can go to Jill, so she can track more easily the money being paid in. Otherwise they can pay by cash via their class rep.

The theme this year is Leave your hat on, parents wear a hat (or give a donation to the PTA if not), the best one gets a prize.

The food choices are fish/sausage/pie and chips, delivered by Ross Fish Bar from Maidenhead, who are used to cater for big events. The costs for the food, covered by the ticket price, are £5,50 for the fish, £3 for the sausage and £3,50 for the pie, which are in line with the usual cost for pizza (£3).

The plan is to open the hall at 7pm, start the quiz at 7:30pm. The food will be delivered by 8:30pm-9pm. The event will finish at an indicative time of 10:30pm.

Dave the Disco is happy to hire his equipment for the evening for £50.

Verity’s husband has kindly offered to be the Quizmaster.

Katie asked if some popcorn will be needed for the evening. Jill suggested to provide one big bowl of popcorn on each table and parents will have to pay for refills. Katie agreed to prepare the popcorn in advance on the day, so as not to leave the machine on during the quiz.

Dom agreed to do the bar. The beer sold out entirely last year, so he will increase (again) the amount. Prosecco is also very popular.

The committee advised to keep the ticket price at £12.50, as it will be easier to make money on the bar sales than on the ticket sales.


Term 4 (25th of February – 5th of April)

- Bag 2 school, 2nd of April.

Marissa will organise the next collection.


Term 5 (23rd of April – 24th of May)

- Family event.

A family bingo with children is a good event to bring families together. It is an easy event to organise and we didn’t run it last year, so it would be good to bring it back. We already have some equipment (bingo cards, etc.) that might need completing.

All that is needed is to arrange a bar, a pizza order and someone to call out the numbers. Michaela suggested to ask either Marissa, Andrea or Verity’s husband.

The other option is for Michaela to contact all the class reps and ask them if someone has an idea for an event.

The committee agreed to make a decision at the next meeting, that will still leave enough time to plan the event.


Term 6 (6th of June – 24th of July)

- Sports Day.

Year 6 parents normally provide refreshments on the day, to raise money for the Year 6 leavers event. The PTA’s involvement resides on putting the marquee up if the school requires it on the day. This will be organised at a later stage.

The date still needs to be agreed on. Mrs Bennett suggested either the 14th of the 21st of June but she will confirm at a later date.


- Reception induction meeting.

Volunteers will be needed to hand out refreshments at the meeting, make contact with new parents and answer any questions regarding the PTA if needs be. The date is yet to be decided.


- Picnic with Reception New parents.

The picnic normally takes place on the Alfred Major with the whole Reception cohort. The date is yet to be decided.


- Summer Fair.

This year’s Year 5 parents will be put in charge of coordinating the Summer Fair. The date is yet to be decided.



- Michaela will contact the class reps about an idea for a family event.

- Dates of various events in Term 6 will be confirmed later.


Any other business


It would be good to promote it at the Quiz Night, with fliers on the table and with an IPad to encourage parents to sign in.

The flier will also circulate through the class reps and can be put on the school board. Victoria has put a few already on the school fence. Zaff said he will check at his work if he can help distributing some fliers as well.


Summer Fair:

Jill suggested to decide on a date now to avoid clashing with other schools. The committee suggested the Sunday 7th of July. Jill thought of a new theme: videogames with humans (i.e. human hungry hippos, etc.), to avoid booking bouncy castles.

The plan is to

- set a date that suits everybody: 7th of July if the school is happy with that date.

- book a couple of big elements for that date to secure them.

- contact the class reps later to activate the whole lot of helpers for the stalls.


Contact details:

Jo said she is still missing some of the parents’ contact details to save on the PTA drive. Michaela said she can forward 2 years (year 6 and year 3).



Katie went through the whole constitution with Deep. The committee agreed to state the name of the association as Cookham Rise Primary School PTA.

The committee also agreed to comply with the point 9.2 of the constitution.



- Katie will sign the constitution and ask Mrs Daniels to sign it as well before sending it to the Charity Commission.

- The committee will prepare fliers on the lottery for a wider distribution, especially for the Quiz Night.

- Michaela will send parents’ details to Jo.

- The school will confirm the date for the Summer Fair.



Next meeting: Tuesday 5th of March, 7:30pm.