Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports

PTA meeting 14th of June 2018


Attendees: Hardeep Singh – Jill O’Donovan – Michaela McLachlan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Karen Wardle – Mrs McDermott – Mrs Parris.

Apologies: Monika Davies.


Deep chaired the session.


· Welcome and thanks

Deep welcomed everyone present.


· Events and actions since last meeting


- Protection on tracks.

Everything is in hand. Leng has put a bidding through to pay for the hard-wearing types of protection (10 sheets, 8ft x 4ft), although we currently do not have anywhere to store them. Jill asked whether the contents of the PTA shed can be re-arranged but the shed is full already with the marquee, the poles, the gazebo, the bunting, etc. It could be possible to stack those boards between the sheds and Michaela suggested to tie them up with a chain. If the bidding goes through, it would cover the cost of £115 per sheet + interconnectors (total cost reaching £1,250 to £1,300 plus delivery). Deep suggested we could consider getting another shed, depending on where the new cabin will go.


- Bank account for the PTA.

In her search of a free bank account allowing online payment, Jill advised to abandon the HSBC possibility as they will not even give details about said account over the phone and require an appointment made in a suitable branch just to obtain info. She has therefore recommended to go with Santander, promoting a free account for charities, allowing online payment; deposit can be made via the Post Office. Only one signature is required to allow payment, it can therefore be set up so that someone else than Jill, from the committee, carries out the payment. That way, the financial side of things is still controlled by two different people.

Jill also advised to close the CAF account down the line as well, as that one is no longer free; the committee agreed.


- Swimarathon.

Jill has received £115 so far and said a second round of cheques will arrive soon.


- Climbing wall for KS1.

That project has been cancelled, presumably for Health and Safety reasons, and therefore does not require funding anymore.


- Summer Fair.

Jo prepared the letter to the residents and distributed copies to the school residents earlier this month.

PickleBug will provide the musical entertainment this year at the summer Fair. It is planned to have the PA system by the trim trail, with the cable safely running alongside the trail, connected through the Year 5 classroom. Mrs Parris asked whether it would be handy to have an outside plug in the future, i.e. on the new cabin. Deep agreed, if it is possible to switch that plug off from the inside.

Two portaloos have been booked (£60 per loo, £60 for the weekend) and will arrive on Friday the 6th of July and will be taken away on Monday the 9th of July, in both cases before school starts, between 7am and 8:30am. Sally and Simon agreed to open the school and Deep will arrange to have the track protected suitably.

Only one marquee will be necessary on the day and will be put up by the big tree, to cover the stands with nail painting, games, etc. (more details on the Summer Fair in section Calendar of events)


- GDPR template.

Deep will put the final touches before sending them around (see section Any other business).



- Jill will carry on with setting an account with Santander.


· Financial update

The money from the ticket sale has gone over £3,000 already. A small amount of money has gone out towards licenses and expenses so far (£363).


The staff had one request to put through: an extra learning space in the staff room, to benefit children when the teachers arrange work with small groups (i.e. reading groups in KS1). Sally will get back to the committee with a quote.


Jill suggested, and the committee agreed, that if the school allows it, the PTA could contribute towards school trips in paying for the transportation. This would have a direct and positive impact on the parents who will then measure what the fundraising events do for them and for the children.

Deep asked if Lesley could come up with a breakdown of the transport for each school trip for this school year for instance. The committee agreed to allocate an amount of money in September for the whole year.

Katie asked whether the committee would consider giving more funding towards the party for the Year 6 leavers but the committee explained we must be careful on the purpose of the funding here, as it is not related to a curriculum improvement.



- Sally will give a quote to the committee for the extra learning space in the staff room.

- Mrs Parris and Mrs McDermott will check with Mrs Daniels about the PTA offering to pay for transportation on school trips.

- Jill will ask Lesley for a breakdown on the cost of transport.


· Calendar of future events

Term 6 (6th of June – 24th of July)

- Sports Day, 15th of June.

Year 6 parents will provide refreshments and ice pops on the day, to help funding the party for the Year 6 leavers.


- Reception induction meeting, 20th of June.

Deep will arrange to have the GDPR letter ready for the new parents.


- Picnic with Reception New parents, 3rd of July.

Michaela agreed to update the flyer she made last year, ready to distribute at the meeting on the 20th of June. The picnic will start on the Alfred Major at 11:30am with the whole Reception cohort. Michaela will book the community room in case it rains.


- Summer Fair, 8th of July.

Karen Wardle went through her list of items.

*licenses: sorted out.

*recycling bins: booked.

*portaloos: booked.


*community room: Michaela will book it for the 8th of July in case we need it.


*Year 5 requested to coordinate volunteers on the day for:

***volunteers checking the tickets at the gate; they will be needed there at all time during the Fair.

*** volunteers for helping/directing the audience towards their seat, between 1pm and 1:30pm (start of the 1st performance).

***volunteers required for clearing up the litter in the circus tent, 4 should be sufficient. ***volunteers also needed for selling the raffle tickets.

Michaela suggested to ask within the Year 5 and the Year 2 parents.


*food: sorted out, ready for selling at noon.


*timing of events as there was some confusion on the starting time:

12 o’clock: start of the Fair.

1pm: the circus tent is open.

1:30pm: start of the 1st performance.

2:15pm: interval.

2:45pm: start of the 2nd performance.

3:15pm: end of the circus.

4:30pm: end of the Fair.


*announcements: Ross the Ring master can make announcements for us about anything we want, i.e. raffle tickets, raffle prizes, silent auction, stalls, etc…


Mrs Parris asked whether we would consider selling items with lights (i.e. lightsabres) as they are quite popular with children. Deep advised to check in the circus pack whether we can do this, also committee members pointed out it might not be dark enough in the tent. Karen will check this with Leng.


*Mufti day is scheduled on the 29th of June, so parents can bring toys and/or bottles for both adult and kids tombola. Jill will ask Lesley to add it to the newsletter.


*floats: sorted out.


*necessity of St John’s ambulance: Deep will draft a risk assessment, as a pre-assessment is required by St John’s ambulance before they can commit. It depends on the number of people present on the site, as an ambulance is not required for events with less than 500 people. Mrs Parris asked whether the circus company has their own risk assessment. Deep checked with them already, and they offer protection around their vehicles, the guide ropes and the pegs.


*ticket sale: still 250 tickets to go. Michaela will be available to sell more tickets on Sports day and will spread the word in the nurseries.


*bar: Dom will speak to Leng about the quantities usually bought for the Summer Fair. Andy Coulter will man the bar but will need more volunteers. Jo suggested to ask Martin Delahaye if he is up for it and she will ask Dom for the usual crew he has at the bar.


*BBQ: 200 sausages and 200 burgers on order. Leng suggested to have a veggie alternative, i.e. noodles. Jill will speak to Mrs Peters to check with her if she would be interested to take this on.


*set up and tidy up on the day: volunteers will be needed from 9am onwards on the day to help set up the marquee, the gazebos, the tables, the various stalls. Jill requested that the various volunteers in charge of stalls should make sure they are there for 11h45 at the latest, as she needs people in place to distribute the floats. Each stall should be set up by 11am, ready to sell from 12 o’clock. Michaela will therefore contact the class reps so they can relay that info to the volunteers.


Volunteers will also be needed at the end to take down the marquee, the tables, collecting the rubbish, counting the money.


*announcements: Michaela will check with Andrea and Marissa if they are happy to make some announcements for reminders on timings, stalls, etc.


*gazebos: Deep will bring his own, another two will be necessary: the PTA owns a supposed pop-up one and Michaela will check with Louise if she can lend hers.


*poster competition: it ends on Monday the 18th of June.


Mrs Parris will ask if Mrs Daniels can mention the tickets for the Circus in assembly, so the children are made aware and can relay to their parents, to increase the sales.


*set up on Saturday:

Mrs Parris has offered to ask the Year 5 and Year 6 pupils to move their tables into the hall after the assembly on the Friday afternoon, setting year 5’s tables in one corner, year 6’s in another, so as not to mix them up. She will also check whether the stage will be put away. This would save precious time to the volunteers on the Saturday.

Tables will have to be labelled (which class they come from, which stall they go to). Michaela asked whether it would be allowed to label them in a more permanent way (i.e. using paint with a small brush) than tape which often does not stay on well.

To save time, the committee agreed to the suggestion that the stalls for silent auction and tombola can be set up on the Saturday as they will remain in the hall.

Deep said our marquee will have to be collected from Holy Trinity, which will require a handful of volunteers, to check it is all complete. This can be done no earlier than 4pm. It is agreed therefore to start setting up by 3pm, finishing by 5pm.



- Michaela will update her picnic flyer to distribute on the 20th of June.

- Michaela will book the community room for the 3rd of July and for the 8th of July.

- Karen will check with Leng about selling items with lights to children.

- Deep will draft a risk assessment for St John’s ambulance.

- Jill will talk to Mrs Peters about a veggie alternative for the summer Fair.

- Michaela will contact the class reps to relay info on timings for setting up to volunteers.

- Mrs Parris will check whether the stage will be put away.

- Deep will make sure the track is protected when the portaloos arrive and leave.


· Any other business


Deep and Jo have created a secure domain for the PTA with password protected generic email addresses for the committee members, and they have set up folders on Google Drive, to store any data we need.

The committee agreed that we can offer to supply each class rep with their own PTA email address if they wish to, with no obligation to do so, as we aim to make things easy for everyone, not more complicated.


Deep has also created two templates:

- a short message to send to existing parents, in line with GDPR, giving the opportunity, as before, to opt out of the distribution list by contacting This letter will be forwarded to the class reps, with the instruction to dispatch it to their own contact list.


- a more detailed letter to the new parents, outlining the GDPR very simply (why we collect the data, how and how long we store it, etc.) and asking for the permission to collect their personal details if they wish to do so. This letter will be distributed on the Induction evening on the 20th of June.


The Google Drive is set up to store any document we wish to keep. Only the link to the document we want to share, not the document itself, can be send through by email. The document can appear in view mode or in edit mode if needed.


Jo distributed a couple of pages to the committee members with screenshots, explaining how to set up their new PTA address to their own account.

The next stage will be to establish the list of contact details for each year group (name, phone number, email address if known) and to save those lists on the Drive. At each start of a new school year, the contacts on the Year 6 list will be deleted, removing those contacts from the distribution list.


Leaving gift:

As it was Deep’s last PTA meeting, the committee members, on behalf of the PTA, presented him with a card and a present (voucher for a meal in White Oak restaurant) as a thank you for his contribution and for the time he dedicated to the PTA during all those years.



- Deep will finish the message to existing parents, that Michaela will forward on to the class reps.

- Deep will finish the letter to new parents, that Jo will forward on to the school office for the Induction meeting.

- The committee members will, between them, generate the lists of contact details from the various year groups.



Next meeting: Thursday 19th of July,

7:30pm, Swan Uppers.