Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports


PTA meeting 18th June 2019


Attendees: Jill O’Donovan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Mrs Parris – Mrs McDermott.


Katie chaired the session.


Welcome and thanks

Katie welcomed everyone present at the meeting.


Events and actions since last meeting

The family Bingo, on the 10th May, was a very enjoyable event and it made £95,00 which is very good as this is designed as a social event, not a money-maker event. Thank you to Michaela for organising it, Andrea for calling the numbers with inventiveness and all the helpers on the day.


Financial update

Jill gave the last update on the account.

Jill cleared the numbers related to the Seesaw licence with Lesley, some more invoices will come through.

There is some money available on the curriculum spent for books, the teachers have been informed they can order more books.

The school lottery brought in £479,13 which puts us in par with getting a £1,000/year. The lottery will need another push in September, especially with the set of new Reception parents coming in.

Some of the Summer Fair expenses have started to come out while some money from advertising has come in.

We currently have £6,500 unallocated, with therefore £4,500 available to spend.


Mrs Parris made a couple of suggestions:

  • New sink in the Year 6 classroom. This falls out of the PTA’s role to fund that type of equipment, so the committee discussed it and decided against funding it.
  • New app for mathematics to help with time-tables; it would be for the teachers first to agree on what scheme they want to use, and the committee can discuss how to support it.


Mrs McDermott requested some dictionaries, to have one set per year rather than a mix and match of different ones.


The committee asked the school to prepare some requests, with quotes if possible, for September. We will have, by then, the proceeds from the Summer Fair and we can’t sit too long on the money without spending it.



  • The teachers will get back to the committee with requests/quotes.


Calendar of future events

Term 6 (6th of June – 24th of July)

- Reception induction meeting, 20th of June.

Michaela and Lizzie are happy to help at the evening with refreshments. Jill and Jo sent a PTA pack to include in the Reception pack for new parents, including details on Easyfundraising and the school lottery. Jo had the GDPR letters printed by the school, ready for distribution during the evening.


- Sports Day, 21st of June.

Year 6 will sell refreshments and ice-lollies and will borrow a gazebo from Picklebug. Katie will check if the school needs the marquee to be put up for the children.


- Picnic with Reception New parents, 2nd of July.

Lizzie and Michaela will meet up with the new parents. Jo has booked the community room in case it rains.


- Summer Fair, 7th of July.

All in hand so far between the Year 5 helpers and the various class reps and associated classes.

For Friday: someone from Holy Trinity will come up to pick up our marquee. Jo and Michaela will help for this. Fee will drop her freezer for the ice-lollies.

For Saturday: Mrs Daniels will open the school for 4pm, Sally will close it once the marquees are in. The teachers are happy to get all the tables from KS2 moved into the hall on Friday afternoon.


For Sunday: Jill still needs to locate the net to set it up on the grass corner with some balls. We also need to locate the 1st aid boxes.


Prizes for games are sorted: cooking books for the KS1 and the KS2 winners of the baking competition, cards in world inflatable balls for the treasure map and the teacher challenge competition.



  • Katie will ask with Mrs Daniels for the necessity of the marquee on Sports Day.
  • Jill and Jo will keep in touch with class reps and Year 5 parents for progress on Summer fair organisation and will fill any gap if needed.


Any other business

Just as a reminder of items to be discussed/arranged next year.

Raising money:

Verity suggested, as part of a class project for example, to give money to the children so they can come with ideas on how to use the money to raise more of it (i.e. buying supplies, making something, selling it.) The PTA can contribute to an amount per class and the money raised can be spent towards something for the school, like the wooden blocks. This idea can be passed on to the teachers in the start of the next year, if they want to include it as a school project (i.e. Enabling Enterprise).


Suggestion for the silent auction:

An alternative to get each class to create 1 item including the 30 pupils, would be to select 1 class, with each pupil creating 1 item, generating therefore 30 items to sell instead.


Boat-racing event:

Louise van Haarst had mentioned this as a fundraising event. The committee is happy to support the idea if Louise has more details on this and is happy to take charge of the event.


Start of new year:

We will need to sort out dates for Halloween Disco and Film Night.




Next meeting: Tuesday 16th July, 8pm, Swan Uppers

Summer Fair debrief (with Deep making a guest appearance 😊)



First meeting of new school year: Tuesday, 17th September, 7:30pm, at school.