Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports

PTA meeting, 14th of June 2017



Attendees: Mrs O’Mahony – Jill O’Donovan – Joelle White – Hardeep Singh – Andrea McLeod – Melanie Delahaye – Leng Forrest – Katie Hone-Smith.


Apologies: Michaela McLachlan – Nicky Cox.


Hardeep Singh chaired the session and welcomed everyone.



· Actions and events since last meeting



- KS2 outdoor toys:

Mrs O’Mahony informed the committee that the teachers have put through Sainsbury’s vouchers an order that will be adequate for the time being.

There may be possibly an order in autumn for new outdoor sheds. Some rearrangements need to be made first and the decision will then be made on what is needed where. The committee agreed on the £400 cost towards the sheds.


- Marquee for Sports Day:

Deep has asked if it was possible to borrow a couple of tall Year 6 to help at the end to lift the whole structure up. A fair number of volunteers have come through to help set up on the day.


- New Reception Parents Meeting, 21st June:

A couple of volunteers will be needed on the evening for the refreshments stall. Katie agreed to help out at the start as she will come to the meeting to mention the second hand uniform shop. Jill said Michaela might have volunteered as well but that needs confirming.


- PTA welcome pack:

The committee has had a look through the documents over the previous week (welcome letter, contact details, calendar of events, 2nd hand uniform shop information). Jo will ensure all the information will be forwarded to Mrs Daniels and Mrs O’Mahony for review and printing on time for the meeting on the 21st of June.


- Update of the website:

Jo has modified the PTA page to make it clearer what FOR stands for, in coordination with Mrs Armstrong. Deep said seeing a document that had numerous mentions of FOR in them. Mrs O’Mahony said she will ask Mrs Armstrong to have a look.



- Jo will check with Michaela if she can be there for the 21st of June.

- Jo will send the finalised PTA welcome pack to Mrs Daniels and Mrs O’Mahony.


Events: none since the last meeting.



· Financial update


Jill had nothing major to report of money going in or out for the moment.


A new counting machine has been purchased and will be shared with the Scouts, to be able to count both old and new £1 coins.


Mrs O’Mahony asked if the committee would agree to allocate £1750 for the whole school year 2017-2018, for curriculum-based activities (workshops, visitors, etc.), at the reason of £500 for Years 1 and 2, £500 for Years 3 and 4, £500 for Years 5 and 6, £250 for Reception. This would allow the teachers to have a budget to work with and it will also avoid going overboard on some spending and make sure the money spent is equivalent between the years.

The committee agreed to earmark £1750 for the whole school year.


Mrs Rogers had a request of £192 for Rock Study, in order to create a band at school.

The committee agreed to the spending.



· Calendar of future events


Term 6 (6th of June – 21st of July)


- Sports Day, 15th of June.

Everything is under control for the day. The committee confirmed there will be no refreshments on the day.


- New Parents Reception Meeting, 21st of June

Katie will be there to mention the 2nd hand uniform shop to the new parents, with some items to show as examples.

The PTA welcome pack will be ready for distribution at the meeting.


- Picnic with new parents, 4th of July.

Michaela is in charge of the picnic. Jill asked whether Michaela had already advertised it in the Cookham nurseries this year. Jo said a leaflet was distributed last year during the New Parents Reception meeting. Jo will ask Michaela whether she is planning the same this year.


- Summer Fair, 9th of July.

Andrea gave a thorough update to the committee.


o Reception on the silent auction.

Millie has already prepared the frames with the prizes. As she will not be there on the day, she will arrange for someone to bring everything at the fair. The prizes will have to be separated between the silent auction and the raffle. Someone will be required on the day to collect the money and hand over the prizes. Whatever will be left uncollected could be kept in the office. Jill said to be cautious though, especially with vouchers, for them not to get lost. Smaller prizes such as those should be rather kept by one person. Andrea said she will arrange for a reminder to be made on the microphone to come and collect the prize by 3:30pm.


o Year 1 on cakes and refreshments.

They ask to have a marquee and the portable urns for the hot water.


o Year 2 on the tombola.

A Mufti day has been scheduled for families to donate toys and bottles for the tombola.


o Year 3 on games and activities.

Jill said all the prizes for those have been sorted. There is still some indecision on what games will be set up. Volunteers, 2 persons per hour, will be needed for that stall.


o Year 4 on competitive games.

There will be 4 different games with Beat the goalie, an obstacle course, etc. Some children will need to be enrolled in a rota to be a goalie. The volunteers will need to have access to PE equipment.

Year 6 children will be in charge of monitoring the sweet prizes, Year 5 can be asked to be goalies. Jill said that, in case we are short of volunteers, the challenge can be changed by hitting the goal post instead of the goalie. Mrs O’Mahony said she will be there to help give access to the equipment on the day.


o Year 5 on bouncy castles.

Andrea asked for some teachers to come and help supervise the big bouncy castle. Mrs O’Mahony said she will organise a rota for this.


o Year 6 on BBQ (Billie and Alfie) and bar (Dom).

Andrea will take care of the condiments and the napkins. Dom will sort out the bar. Billie and Alfie will bring 2 barbecues and will order the meat.


o 2nd hand toy stall.

Andrea was asked by the Year 6 parents if it was possible to have a stall to sell 2nd hand toys donated earlier this year, the proceeds going to the Year 6 end of year party. The committee felt it would be misleading to have a stall at the Summer Fair where the money does not go to the PTA, and as the PTA funding is dedicated to educational purposes, the committee felt the end of year party falls out of the PTA’s duty. Mrs O’Mahony suggested this stall could happen on another day to avoid confusion. The committee supported the idea that the Year 6 parents could make it a separate fundraising event.


o Competitions and entertainment during the Summer Fair.

Andrea said that Fee has sourced 15 hay bells to scatter as seats around the main arena, to give a country fair feel.

Mrs Daniels will bring her car in the middle, which will be filled with balloons. The person guessing the exact number of balloons in the car will win a tin of Quality Streets.

The entertainment will include performances from the dance club, the choir and Sparky’s (to be confirmed with Amber).

The poster competition will be judged on the 19th of June, and the winning poster will go on the cover of the program.

Plant competition: the entries can be set next to the silent auction stall, as an area of “things to have a look at”. Andrea is happy to judge, depending on the number of entries.

Cake competition: Andrea suggested as follow:

Reception and KS1: decorate 6 cupcakes.

KS2: make a cake and decorate it.

Plants and cakes would be best kept under a marquee. The cakes will be kept separate from the refreshments stall, to make sure they do not get sold before being judged. Melanie suggested that whoever does the judging could fill in a little card with a simple comment for each entry, as a keepsake for each child who contributed. The results will be announced by 1:30pm, and people will be asked to come and collect their cakes by 2pm. Otherwise they can donate them and they will be sold on the cake stall before the end of the fair.

Mrs O’Mahony will ask the teachers to mention the cake competition in the class letters and will add it to the newsletter as well.

Andrea suggested the various winners could be mentioned in assembly at school the following Monday.

Andrea bought some nice blank ribbons country-fair-like that will be attributed to the various winners.


o Program.

Melanie reminded the deadline for the program is the 20th of June so she will need by then a list of items for the raffle and silent auction (the biggest prizes), a list of games, a map for the layout of the fair, which will be the same as in the past. Deep said the map would also be useful to work out how many tables are needed for each stall, the number of stalls, etc.


o Other questions.

The committee advised to have a spreadsheet and put down the name of people who volunteered to help and man the stalls, just to make sure all the slots are taken care of and that we will not be short of people on the day. Jill advised to ask Sarah for the spreadsheet she made previously.

Melanie mentioned she previously laminated numerous signs for the different stalls on the fair and advised to re-use them. She can potentially make an extra couple if really necessary. Jill said they are likely to be in the PTA cupboard.




- A volunteer will be required to look after uncollected prizes at the silent auction if necessary.

- Year 3 parents need to select the games that will be done at the fair.

- Year 4 parents will need a rota of children being goalies for Beat the goalie.

- Mrs O’Mahony will arrange a teacher rota for the big bouncy castle.



· Any other business


Mrs O’Mahony told the committee that she has created a teacher rota for the PTA meeting so that the teachers get to be present once a year to a meeting. The rota is as follows:

Term 1: Mrs Daniels, Mrs Rogers

Term 2: Mrs O’Mahony, Mrs Conroy

Term 3: Mrs Bennett, Mrs Burkitt

Term 4: Mrs Maher, Mrs B. Bond

Term 5: Mrs Strawson, Mrs Alington

Term 6: Mrs Parris, Mrs McDermott


Jo will update the mailing list accordingly.



Next meeting: Monday 17th of July, 2017