Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports


PTA meeting 6th of November 2018


Attendees: Jill O’Donovan – Michaela McLachlan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Philippa Bradley – Verity Barrett – Victoria Strudwick – Marissa Holden – Lizzie Perry – Katie Price – Bethan Beaney – Becky Bond – Kirsty Strawson.


Katie chaired the session.


Welcome and thanks


Katie welcomed everyone present, especially parents coming to the meeting for the first time.


Events and actions since last meeting


Actions completed since the last meeting:

- Contact details list for the Reception parents: Jo cross-referenced her list with Gemma’s. The WhatsApp group is up and running.

- GDPR letter to existing parents: it was published in one of the school newsletters.


- Cost of end of year trophies: set at a final cost of £211.39.

- Extra learning space in the staff room: quote at a cost of £250.

- Funding towards school trip: see Financial updates.


- Popcorn machine: Jill purchased one for £200 with supplies and it is stored in the lighthouse room. It has been tested twice with success. We will stick to salty popcorn for the moment as it is easier and safer to prepare that way.


- Bank account: Jill took the necessary steps to add signatures to the CAF account. We are now able to make online payments when needed, set up by Jill and accepted, upon verification of the receipts provided, by any signature (Katie, Jo or Michaela). Mrs Hunter has agreed to carry on as a signature on that account as well.


Event since the last meeting:

The KS1 Halloween Disco took place on the 2nd of November and went really well; the children enjoyed the popcorn. Many thanks to all the parent helpers who came along on that afternoon.


Financial update


We currently have in the region of £7,500 committed to spend already, a further £2,000 which we keep as a working capital and £5,000 not committed and available to spend.

Jill went through the pending items first.


List of items pending since the last meeting:

£225 towards the Nordern Farm multifaith assemblies (3 of them, £75 each): approved

£225 towards the train tickets to Maidenhead for the Three workshops from Year 2 to Year 6: approved. Those workshops are offered for free for Year 2 onwards, in order to learn how to use different applications on iPads each year.

Sir Teachalot booked in December, as part of the curriculum spend (£275 approved per class).

£300 towards the contribution to class trips, covering the cost of mini-buses for the RE trips to places of worship for Year 4, 5 and 6: approved. The school agreed for the PTA to fund small trips for nearby locations.


Teachers’ new requests 2018-2019:

£500 towards the Abacus scheme and Target your maths for all the classes in KS2: approved.

£900 towards the MandM Production of Robin Hood in January: approved. The school will look into booking a different company for next September.

£600 towards a set of different clocks into each of the classrooms: approved. This will allow the children to learn how to tell time more easily, by comparing a 24h clock with a digital one, etc.

£600 towards a weather station from Year 1, that can be used by all the classes: approved. This can be linked to the Wifi and could allow the creation of a school weather page.

£2,100 towards books to use in the classrooms: approved. The teachers will get an allocation of £300 each to spend as they see fit towards book sets, supplements to the Lit-Lang scheme, picture books for Reception, etc.

£300 towards a subscription to The power of reading for all year ranges, providing stories and activities around them: approved.

£200 towards updated atlases that would benefit the entire school: approved.


The school is putting a long-term request as well, towards the ICT suite which will need, within the next two years, some updating. The staff is currently investigating the best way forward on that matter and will keep the committee updated.


Calendar of future events


Term 2 (29th of October – 19th of December)

- Film Night, 16th of November.

The children voted for the film Charlie and the chocolate factory. (

Some volunteers will be needed to help keeping an eye on the children, one parent per class should be enough. We currently have Michaela for Year 6, Jill for Year 5 and Marissa for Year 3. Sarah might be able to be there for Year 4. Katie is happy to prepare the popcorn but will need another helper to put it into bags and distribute it in the hall.


- Christmas Fair, 7th of December.

Lizzie has agreed to coordinate the Fair with Michaela this year. Everything is going ahead, with each class in charge of a particular stall at the Fair.

Lizzie went over a few questions/details to resolve:

Santa’s Grotto: Monika will pass on to Jess the bags of presents that she kept aside from last year. Lizzie advised to buy more little presents to complete what there is already. Mrs Ash will not be able this year to be the Elf in the Grotto. Victoria and Bethan said they will find someone to do it. They will also get in touch with Heidi who normally provides the Grotto’s decorations and the treats for the children.

Craft stall: 3 crafts will be suggested, including decoration of tiles with special pens. Jill said there were plenty of tiles already in the PTA cupboard.

The silent auction is coming along very well, more parents, especially in Reception, might also be able to contribute some items.

Sweet stall: Jill confirmed there are enough sweets between those we already have and the donations of Halloween’s leftovers. Jill will prepare more cones for the Fair.

Little Christmas trees: Michaela will source some potted trees, 7 in total (1 per class) or buy them otherwise. Each class will then be able to decorate the tree in the manner of their choice and the trees will be put up for the silent auction. Jill suggested to buy small battery-powered fairy lights to enhance them a little. Michaela will look into that as well.

Big tree in the hall: Michaela asked to check with the school whether the Christmas tree in the hall will be set up for the Reception Nativity (taking place before the Fair). Otherwise, we will have to allocate some people and a time-slot to get it done before the Fair.

Clearing up: Lizzie asked if Simon would be happy to help cleaning up at the end. As a rule, helpers clear up their own stall before leaving.

The school choir is scheduled to sing at the beginning of the Fair.

Tombola: Year 4 is in charge, with a Mufti day on the 30th of November, so parents can bring either a toy or a bottle (no toiletries) for the tombolas (child and adult).

Stalls for PTA: the committee discussed putting together several things, like a stall for the school uniforms, a stall for selling popcorn, a stall for promoting easyfundraising (, a stall for the school lottery (see Any other business section). If we go ahead with it, we will find some volunteers to man those stalls.

Photobooth in place with Marissa and Andrea, supplying funny accessories for the photos.

Volunteers: if there is a shortage of volunteers, there will be the possibility to ask Year 6 parents to give a hand. Sara in Year 4 said she also had many volunteers if needed.

Brainstorm: Mrs Peters confirmed she will have a stall selling hot chocolate and hot dogs for the Brainstorm charity.

Set up: it starts at 1pm, raffle scheduled for 4:30pm, wrapping up by 5pm.


- Christmas Shows, 6th, 11th and 18th of December.

The Reception Nativity will be on the 6th of December, at 2pm.

The KS1 Nativity will be on the 11th of December, at 2pm and 6pm.

The KS2 carol concert will be on the 18th of December.

The PTA will need a few volunteers for each of the performances (4 in total) to serve tea/coffee and wine (for the KS1 evening performance). Sarah will obtain a license for that event.


Term 3 (7th of January – 15th of February)

- Swimarathon.

Sarah is happy to organise this event again this year. It normally takes place on the first Saturday of January (5th of January). Date to be confirmed.



The AGM is scheduled on the 16th of January 2019. Deep is happy to meet the committee on that occasion as we will be reviewing the previous school year (2017-2018).


- Parents Quiz Night/Disco Night.

Verity’s husband is happy to prepare the quiz for us and to compere on the night. Victoria said she will be available to help organising and coordinating the Quiz Night. It would ideally happen on a Friday night, either before or after half-term depending on the availability of Verity’s husband. Date to be confirmed.


Term 4 (25th of February – 5th of April)

- Bag 2 school.

Marissa will confirm the date for the next collection.


Term 5 (23rd of April – 24th of May)

- Family event.

This event is generally dedicated to the children, it is not meant to be a massive fundraiser, more of a social event to bring the children and families together.

Multiple options are available, the Family Bingo on a previous year worked out well and was easy to organise.

We also had a Fashion Show, a few years ago, with the company Kids on the catwalk (through Susanne Chaplin). The committee would be happy to have it again this year.

Philippa suggested an Easter Egg Hunt for the children, which could also be very popular.

The committee agreed to leave the decision for later.


Term 6 (6th of June – 24th of July)

- Sports Day.

Year 6 parents normally provide refreshments on the day, to raise money for the Year 6 leavers event. The PTA’s involvement resides on putting the marquee up if the school requires it on the day. This will be organised at a later stage. The date is yet to be decided.


- Reception induction meeting.

Volunteers will be needed to hand out refreshments at the meeting, make contact with new parents and answer any questions regarding the PTA if needs be. The date is yet to be decided.


- Picnic with Reception New parents.

The picnic normally takes place on the Alfred Major with the whole Reception cohort. The date is yet to be decided.


- Summer Fair.

This year’s Year 5 parents will be put in charge of coordinating the Summer Fair. The date is yet to be decided.



- The committee will confirm the list of volunteers helping on the Film Night.

- The class reps will recruit volunteers to help with refreshments during the Christmas shows.

- The school will confirm who is setting up the Christmas tree in the hall.

- The committee will decide how to organise the PTA stalls at the Fair.

- Dates of various events (Swimarathon, Quiz Night, Bag to school) will be confirmed later.


Any other business


Katie and Deep had a look at the model constitution on ParentKind. As a charity we have to log a constitution to the Charity Commission and it seems they have lost ours. With Katie being a new chair, it was a good opportunity to set it up again and update it if needed. Katie will go over some of the points by email with the committee.


School uniform shop:

Katie is in charge of the second-hand uniform shop for the school. She asked that parents donate only items in good condition with the school logo (jumpers, cardigans, PE Tshirt, etc.) as greys and whites don’t really sell. This will be relayed into the newsletter.

Jill suggested to buy a few ties and bow ties, to have at hand for parents who need to buy one in emergency.


Sunrise Club:

Verity asked questions about the organisation of the Sunrise Club. As this is managed by the school and not the PTA, the teachers have kindly agreed to pass the questions on to Mrs Daniels. Michaela suggested to address it again at the next parent forum (21st November, at 2pm) as it is dedicated to school matters.


School lottery:

Jill found this idea on ParentKind. There is no admin, on our part, to set it up and no added fee, just a raffle license that is required. Jill will ask Sarah to have a look at this.

Parents can pay £1 a week, off which 40p go to the PTA

30p go to a local prize

6p go to a weekly £25,000 winner

20p go to admin

4p go to VAT

Jill advised not to underestimate the effort required to get parents to sign in. It would need to be promoted in advance, to build it up before the launch, possibly by starting at the Christmas Fair. Michaela asked how many people would be needed at minimum to make it worthwhile: 50 parents would bring £1,000 a year to the PTA. There is no commitment, so we can withdraw at any time if it fails.

The committee agreed to launch it in the New Year, around the time of the Quiz Night.




- Katie will email the committee about the constitution.

- The committee will arrange to promote the school lottery at the Christmas Fair.



Next meeting: AGM, Wednesday 16th of January, 7:30pm.