Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports

PTA meeting 11th of January, 2018



Hardeep Singh – Joelle White – Michaela McLachlan – Mrs Burkitt – Mrs Bennett - Katie Hone - Jill O’Donovan.


Sarah Rodi - Natalie Reid-Hughes - Lizzie Perry.


Deep chaired the session.



· Welcome and thanks

Deep welcomed everyone to the meeting.


· Chairman’s report 2016-2017

Deep drew up a table with the list of the events carried out last year and the various people in charge of them.



Bag to School

Marissa Holden

KS1 Halloween Disco

Michaela McLachlan + helpers

KS2 Film Night

Michaela McLachlan + helpers

Christmas Fair

Michaela McLachlan + helpers

Christmas shows - refreshments

Various volunteers


Sarah Renton

Parents Quiz Night

Nicky Cox + helpers

Family Bingo

Marissa Holden, Andrea MacLeod, Michaela McLachlan + helpers

Reception parents meeting

Michaela McLachlan, Sarah Rodi + helpers

Summer Fair

Andrea MacLeod + Year5 parents + helpers

Picnic for new parents + Parents reps coordinator

Michaela McLachlan

Marquee team

Various helpers

Uniform shop

Katie Hone-Smith


School staff and caretaker Simon


Hardeep Singh, Jill O’Donovan, Joelle White, Michaela McLachlan, Sarah Rodi



· Treasurer’s report 2016-2017

The account summary has been signed off by Sue le Page as an independent accountant.

£10,000 were raised last year, the Summer Fair providing at least 50% of that amount, the Christmas Fair and the Quiz Night also being strong events for fundraising.

Family events remain popular and are mostly meant to involve people, not just in order to make money.

The easyfundraising scheme has, for the moment, 22 people signed on it, which brings to the school £60/quarter. A volunteer would be required to take this project on and get more people signed on that scheme. One drawback that users can see is its limitation of use, on phones especially.


The money raised was spent towards the MandM productions, the PSHE scheme, Sir Teachalot workshops, the Lego workshop, E-safety talks (Paul Hay), some equipment for classrooms (maths resources, RWI reading books, RWI flipcharts), a KS1 outside shed, the KS1 Disco Night, the KS2 Film Night, the Sports Day medals, the picnic for new parents, the PTA UK membership, the End of year trophies.


The marquee we own is available for hire but was not rented this year. The PTA would also need a volunteer to dedicate time towards the marquee and would have to be available to check on the equipment before and after it has been hired.


· Elections of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary

Jill and Jo were happy to carry on as Treasurer and Secretary respectively. All the people present agreed to elect them again.

Deep, as explained previously, had to stand down as Chair. Katie Hone put herself forward as candidate and everyone present elected her as new Chair of the PTA. Congratulations to Katie ! Deep will remain as acting Chair until the end of the school year to help Katie with her new role. The committee and all present thanked Deep for his commitment to the PTA as a very fair and efficient Chair for the past few years.


· Events and actions since last meeting

Events since last meeting:

The Christmas Fair was again very successful, a big thank you to Lizzie Perry for coordinating it all this year. The silent auction generated half of the profit. Results for other stalls were overall as expected.

Michaela said the hampers idea went very well but it would be worth thinking on how to prepare them if we do those again. Parents either gave money or bought something for the hamper, which were then sold potentially for little more than they cost. One way forward would be what one year did, by collecting vouchers and donations for free, as this increases the profit made on the hamper. This would need to be coordinated with the silent auction so one business is not asked twice to give something.

The Christmas tree idea was left out this year for lack of time but it could be done again. Mrs Bennett said that the KS2 children have more time to dedicate towards tree decorations than KS1 children, with all the nativities rehearsals and performances. If we decide to go ahead with the trees next time, it would be good to inform the staff very early on so they know what to expect and have time to anticipate. It would also be good to emphasize those are to be silent auction items.


The Swimarathon was again popular this year. Jill will let the committee know how much it raised once she receives it.


Actions since last meeting:

Quiz Night: the date is confirmed for the 2nd of February (see Calendar of future events for details).

Happy Circus for Summer Fair: Deep contacted the company but has to contact them again mid-January to go over all the details (see Calendar of future events for details).


· Financial update

The Christmas Fair generated nearly £3,000, which is a very good result.

We have so far £7,500 unallocated, with £2,000 left as a working capital, giving us £5,500 to allocate to the school.


Mrs Bennett told the committee the items mentioned by Mrs Daniels:

MandM Production for Aladdin for £850, allocated previously.

The Polar Day workshop for £500, allocated previously.

The Mathletics licensing for £1,300.

RWI books for KS1 for £500, although Jill said she was told it was for iPad applications.


The committee agreed on principle on the Mathletics licensing and Jill will confirm with Mrs Daniels what the £500 are for.


Jill mentioned that Sue le Page has asked for a donation from the PTA to a charity of her choice for her time spent on checking our account. The committee agreed on a £50 donation.


Michaela mentioned that we had previously agreed to keep some money on the account to go towards supplies and furnishings for the cabin. Mrs Bennett informed the committee that the project has been delayed and the cabin is now pushed until Summer. Deep said that we could therefore earmark the money raised by the Summer Fair towards the cabin, leaving us able to spend the money we have.


Mrs Bennett suggested that it would be helpful to get more iPads for the classes, to reduce the number of students per screen. Jill said it had always been the plan to supply more iPads to the school once the funds are there.

Mrs Bennett suggested also that some technology items could be fitted in the lighthouse room, as Energykids is not using that room anymore.

Those suggestions will go back to Mrs Daniels and the school staff so a proposal can be made to the PTA for the next meeting.



- Jill will confirm with Mrs Daniels for the items the PTA has to agree on and will get back to the committee.



· Calendar of future events


Term 3 (4th of January – 9th of February)


- Parents Quiz Night, 2nd of February

Katie will coordinate the Quiz this year. She gave an update to the committee.

Sarah will prepare the license for the bar.

Nicky has passed on the information: 12 tables of 8 to10 people each, 12 maximum.

Tickets are priced at £12.5 per person, £25 per couple.

Pizzas are the easiest food option and will be included in the price. Crisps and drinks will be available to purchase.

Dom will organise the supplies for the bar and contact the usual helpers to see if they can man the bar, as he would rather be on a table to do the Quiz this year.

Alfie suggested a 6:30pm start but everyone felt it was going to be too early so it was suggested 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start. It can then still finish at a reasonable time, especially for parents who make babysitting arrangements.

Alfie asked for fancy dress, the theme being 80’s/90’s idols. A prize (bottle of fizz) will be given out for best outfit.

Katie will delegate first to the parents reps for the ticket sales, allocating one table per class to start up with. Alfie has requested 2 tables, another 2 are left to the teachers. Michaela will communicate the parents reps’ list to Katie.


Term 4 (19th of February – 29th of March)

- Bags to school.

The date will be announced in due time.


- Parents Disco.

Marissa felt the Disco was programmed a bit too close to the Quiz Night. It is also preferable for the Disco that it is dark outside when it starts. Deep and Katie suggested the Disco can be moved to Term 5 as it would still be dark by 8pm in April. Michaela will contact Marissa and see if she would agree to plan it after Easter.


Term 5 (16th of April – 25th of May)

- Bingo Night/Fashion Show/anything else.

Any event is possible in that term, preferably for a family-orientated event around the children. If anyone has any suggestion or would like to organise such an event, do get in touch with us ( The decision can be made at the next meeting.


- Sports Day.

The date is yet to be announced.


Term 6 (6th of June – 24th of July)

- New parents meeting.

The date is yet to be announced.


- Picnic for new parents.

The date is yet to be announced.


- Summer Fair, 8th of July, Happy Circus.

Happy Circus was booked 2 years ago. The marquee can hold up to 600 people, the entry ticket would be £10/person. The circus company asks for £3000, after the performance, for providing the entertainment, so we need 300 people to break even.

Deep called the company to go over the details of the school access but was not satisfied with their answers – or lack thereof. He has scheduled to call them again mid-January to clarify everything.

Before planning the schedule of the day, Jill brought to everybody’s attention the existence of the running track around the field, which will restrict the access and the space available for the marquee.

Deep said he will add this to the questions he had to ask before we can commit ourselves further with that project. Sarah Rodi had said she could set up a system of online booking for the tickets, which would be very helpful.

There is still the possibility of cancelling the booking, as long as we make the decision soon, we would only loose the booking fee (£80). The PTA can then revert to a more traditional Summer Fair, possibly with a circus theme. The committee will discuss the Summer Fair organisation at the next meeting, once the logistics for the access to the school are established.



- Katie will contact the parents reps to start the ticket sale for the Quiz Night.

- Michaela will ask Marissa about the Disco Night after Easter.

- Deep will talk to Happy Circus and clarify all issues about the access to the school field.


· Any other business

- PTA constitution:

Deep said he drew a constitution with Jacqui Edwards a few years back and lodged it in with the Charity Commission. It seems they cannot find that constitution. Deep suggested therefore that, with the PTA having now a new Chair, it would be a very good opportunity to look at the constitution again and to make sure it gets lodged. Jill said the PTA UK website probably has a standard model that is up to date. Deep asked to make it an item on the agenda for the next meeting.



- Jill will have a look for a standard model of a PTA constitution for the committee to discuss at the next meeting.





Next meeting : Tuesday 27th February, 7:30pm