Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports


PTA meeting 8th of May 2019


Attendees: Jill O’Donovan – Michaela McLachlan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Verity Barrett – Mrs Rogers – Ms Alington.

Apologies : Katie Price.


Katie chaired the session.


Welcome and thanks

Katie welcomed everyone present at the meeting.


Events and actions since last meeting

No events since last meeting.


Financial update

Jill gave the last update on the account.

Bags2School brought in £161, thank you everybody for your donations.

EasyFundraising, over 3 months, generated £144.

The Swimarathon gave £479 which is a very good result.


The lottery for the first 2 months gave £81, the next instalment will be £240.

Based on 60-65 tickets per week, we anticipate raising an amount of over £1,000 over a year. We need to promote the scheme more, especially as it is open to family members. It was suggested to create a class competition (i.e. the class with most tickets) or a prize for the x person to sign on.


The account shows over £5,000 available to spend. The school does not have any request at this stage and asked that the PTA lets the money building up for now. Although we have a duty, as a charity, to spend the money raised, we can also keep it building up in anticipation of big items to provide for in the very near future.


Jill went through several items on the account for confirmation.

Some of the curriculum spend is still to come up for things that have happened.

Reading books: £500 were allocated with only £371 spent. Mrs Rogers will look into it.

Jill asked whether the mini-bus hire for £300 (RE trips for years 4 to 6) are still required or planned.

Money allocated for the clocks and the weather station stays committed, as is the money for the classroom books (£653.24 spent out of £2,100 committed).

Seesaw application licence: the numbers do not add up, Jill will check with Lesley for details.


Wooden blocks for Reception: they cost £3,000, are very solid and long-lasting (in the region of 20 years) and the Reception children get a very good use out of them. The old set can be passed on to the other classes for further use. Suggestions were made to advertise it for a fundraising event to raise money towards the blocks. Jill asked whether there are any grants available that could cover all or part of the cost.



  • The teachers will get back to Jill on some of the curriculum spend.
  • Jill will clarify some of the figures with Lesley.

Calendar of future events

Term 5 (23rd of April – 24th of May)

- Family event, 10th of May.

So far 61 tickets were sold although some people haven’t paid and/or collected their tickets yet.

Michaela calculated a 40p profit per ticket (£5 ticket covers pizzas, prizes and bar licence). Mrs Rogers asked to keep the pizza boxes for the Reception class.

Katie will prepare the popcorn, Andy will organise the bar, Jill will help set up, Andrea will call the number, Simon will lock the school.

Prizes: £5 Amazon vouchers for full house, sweets for winning lines.


Term 6 (6th of June – 24th of July)

- Reception induction meeting, 20th of June.

Helpers will be needed to set up refreshments at 7pm, for the meeting to start at 7:30pm. We will need to get wine and soft drinks. Michaela and Jo can help, possibly Verity and Katie also. Jo will collect the contact details from the new parents. Michaela will check with Lizzie Perry if she wants to help at the meeting or the picnic.


- Sports Day, 21st of June.

Year 6 will sell refreshments this year, to raise money for the year 6 leavers party.


- Picnic with Reception New parents, 2nd of July.

Jo will book the community room in case it rains on the day. Michaela will prepare a flyer to distribute at the meeting.


- Summer Fair, 7th of July.

Preparation is well under way. The Year 5 class is taking the lead and has chosen the theme “Around the world”. Year 5 parents are in charge of entertainment, advertising, general coordination, decorations, added competition games, etc.

The stalls have been divided between the different year groups and each class rep informed of what is expected from their own class.


Silent auction: Reception class.

Gemma was concerned for not having a big item. It is not necessary however as people are less likely to bid for them anyway. We also need a few prizes to go for the raffle.

Ms Alington suggested she could get a prize from her sister, so can Katie.

There was a suggestion of having each class to prepare an item to put for auction like the canvas with handprints was done before; possibly a garden decoration (flower pots, stones?). This needs to be started soon and be coordinated with the teachers.


Active games: Year 2 will have 2 inflatables to look after (dartboard football + slide).


Refreshments: those will be set up in the cabin, we will check the power points for the inflatables.


Picklebug will cover all the music and the compering on the day.

We will secure Steve Adaway’s van if possible to transport the marquees from Holy Trinity. We will also need to contact Holy Trinity to arrange the exchange of marquees on the Friday before the fair.


Bar-BBQ: no volunteer yet to be in charge of the BBQ, the bar however is covered. Fee can lend a BBQ and a chest freezer for ice-lollies.



  • Jo will prepare the GDPR form for the New Reception Parents meeting.
  • Jo will book the community room for the day of the Reception picnic.
  • Jill and Jo will keep in touch with class reps and Year 5 parents for progress on Summer fair organisation and will fill any gap if needed.


Any other business

Family event in term 4 – term 5:

We need to plan it earlier next year (i.e. Treasure Hunt/Egg Hunt) so it can happen nearer Easter.


Leftover china cups and saucers:

They can make their way to the cabin to free some space in the PTA cupboard.



The committee read through the old constitution and agreed on several changes. Jill suggested to also look at the new template to see if there are any points that need to be added in.


Raising money:

Verity suggested, as part of a class project for example, to give money to the children so they can come with ideas on how to use the money to raise more of it (i.e. buying supplies, making something, selling it.) The PTA can contribute to an amount per class and the money raised can be spent towards something for the school, like the wooden blocks. Ms Alington suggested to run the idea by the teachers and see what they think.



  • Ms Alington will run the fundraising idea through class projects to the teachers.



Next meeting: Tuesday, 18th of June, 7:30pm.