Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports


PTA meeting 5th of March 2019


Attendees: Jill O’Donovan – Michaela McLachlan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Zaff Ashfaq – Natalie Reid-Hughes – Gemma Carroll – Lizzie Hunter – Claire Maher.

Apologies : Lizzie Perry – Sarah Rodi.


Katie chaired the session.


Welcome and thanks

Katie welcomed everyone present at the meeting.


Events and actions since last meeting

Event since the last meeting:

The Quiz took place on the 1st of February, it was a very good night with a lot of positive feedback overall. Thanks to everyone who helped on the night and to Ollie for doing such a good job as quizmaster.


Actions since the last meeting:

- Annual return for 2017-2018: the account has been verified, signed off and submitted to the Charity Commission, so we are now up to date with the account.

- Requests for a weather station and sets of clocks: Jill will check with Lesley, when they will go through the list of invoices, if those are still requested.

- Contacting class reps for a family event: in progress (see Calendar of events).

- Booking big elements for the Summer Fair: Year 5 parents will meet up to start planning the Fair (see Calendar of events).

- Constitution for the Charity Commission: it seems the Charity Commission had the constitution all along and has now sent the original one back to Katie. She will therefore pass it on to the committee members to make amendments and log it in.


Financial update

Jill made a breakdown on the money raised at the Christmas Fair. It shows a very good result in line with the previous years. The silent auction did again really well. The Santa’s Grotto did not bring much money as we had to stock up for presents this year, so it was expected.

The Quiz Night brought up £1,098, which is a very good amount, a bit below the previous years but less tickets were sold, and food cost a little bit more. However last year was particularly successful because it was Alfie’s last year as Quizmaster. The Eventbrite system worked really well and was the best way for parents to book tickets in a fair manner.

The School Lottery has about 60 people signed on for the moment. The committee said a big thank you to the winners who opted to donate their winnings to the PTA, as it is not an obligation to do so. We forecast to get £1,200 by the end of the year just through the ticket sales. It is a very good fundraising method that requires little effort. It is therefore worth having another push through the class reps and the newsletter to get more people signed on. It would also be important to ask the people who have signed on whether they have also set up their direct debit for their tickets.


We currently have £3,000 not allocated yet, available for requests.

Mrs Maher requested more French resources (English-French dictionaries, singing French CD, story books) for KS2, at a cost of £150 for 15 items, to share between the 4 years (with children working in pairs). The committee agreed to the spend and suggested to make a top-up later if necessary.

Mrs Hunter addressed a big thank you to the PTA for funding the Living Eggs for the Reception classroom, as it is a wonderful experience for the children and always well received.

Mrs Hunter mentioned some items in need of replacing: the outdoor wooden blocks used in the Reception playground that are falling apart (over 10 years old). The company making them proposes very strong and lasting products although quite expensive. It would therefore be a big investment. She suggested Mrs Rogers could put a proposal together with a quote; the committee agreed to wait and hear from her.



- The committee will promote continuously for the school lottery, through the newsletter and the class reps.


Calendar of future events

Term 4 (25th of February – 5th of April)

- Bag 2 school, 2nd of April.

Marissa will organise the next collection.


Term 5 (23rd of April – 24th of May)

- Family event, 10th of May (tbc).

The committee discussed various options for a family event.

- A Family Bingo, as an easy event to put up and that would make good use of the equipment we already have.

- A Treasure Hunt with clues to find along a path, with chocolates to win at the end. This would be a separate event from the Bingo; the children could be asked to dress up if they wish.

- An Outdoor Film Night: after discussion, this idea was discarded as the level of noise could upset the school neighbours.

The committee will therefore check with the school if the 10th of May is suitable for an event and will run a Family Bingo on that date if no other suggestions are made. Michaela will contact the class reps to recruit some volunteers and will ask for ideas about a separate event (treasure hunt or something else) that someone would be happy to organise.


Term 6 (6th of June – 24th of July)

- Sports Day.

Year 6 parents normally provide refreshments on the day, to raise money for the Year 6 leavers event. The PTA’s involvement resides on putting the marquee up if the school requires it on the day. This will be organised at a later stage. The date is yet to be decided.


- Reception induction meeting.

Lizzie Perry volunteered to help organise that event. Volunteers will be needed to hand out refreshments at the meeting, to make contact with new parents and to answer any questions regarding the PTA if needs be. The date is yet to be decided.


- Picnic with Reception New parents.

The picnic normally takes place on the Alfred Major with the whole Reception cohort. The date is yet to be decided. Mrs Hunter addressed many thanks for setting up this event these past few years as it is a great opportunity for the new parents to meet up, exchange phone numbers, etc.


- Summer Fair, 7th of July (tbc).

Jill and Jo agreed to take the lead this year. Year 5 parents will meet up on the 28th of March to start planning what to do. From that point, main elements will be booked for the Fair and stalls will be divided between year groups.

Holy Trinity will be holding their Summer Fair on the 6th of July, we will therefore have to contact them for the usual exchange of marquees. The school will confirm the date for the Fair suits the calendar.



- The school will confirm the 10th of May as a date for a family event (Bingo or anything else).

- Michaela will contact the class reps for other suggestions for a family event and possibly an extra event that someone would like to take on.

- The school will confirm the dates for the events in Term 6.

- Year 5 parents will start planning the Summer Fair, meeting on the 28th of March.


Any other business


In line with the regulations on gambling, the committee has to sign a form for the council, establishing how the lottery is run and how much money the PTA makes from it. Katie and Jill have been appointed trustees to sign that form.


PTA cupboard

Jo and Katie did a good clear out/reorganising of the PTA cupboard, to make things more accessible. A bag of red noses was given to Mrs Hunter to use with the Reception classroom. A request has been put to the school regarding a box of china cups and saucers, belonging to the school, of no use to the PTA. If the school has no use for them either, the committee asked whether it is possible to dispose of those items, taking valuable space in the cupboard.


School uniform:

Katie cleared up the stock of all the non-logo item of clothing, so the drawers are not overloaded anymore. There are not that many requests on uniforms for the moment, it might be useful to remind parents at the change of season.


Request from an after-school club:

An after-school club currently putting together a little electric car over a few weeks asked the PTA for storage space. Unfortunately, the PTA shed is full of all the marquee equipment and the committee sadly cannot accommodate for this.



- Jill will submit the form to the Council regarding the lottery.

- The school will get back to the committee about the box of cups and saucers.

- Katie will send the constitution to the committee to agree on a few amendments.



Next meeting: Wednesday, 8th of May, 7:30pm.