Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports

PTA meeting 26th of April, 2018


Attendees: Hardeep Singh – Jill O’Donovan – Katie Hone – Sarah Rodi – Michaela McLachlan – Joelle White – Victoria Strudwick – Leng Forrest – Natalie Reid-Hughes – Mrs Strawson – Miss Alington.


Deep chaired the session.


· Welcome and thanks

Deep welcomed everyone to the meeting.


· Events and actions since last meeting

Actions since last meeting:

- quotes for track protections:

Deep confirmed it will cost in the region of £1,000 for the re-usable protections, each panel being 8ft x 4ft, their storage being an issue. Hiring them would not be much cheaper. Deep suggested to purchase cheap boards (8 to 10 of them) of plywood for the time being. He has been in touch with Steve Adaway, who would be happy to re-use them afterwards, saving us the worry of storage.


- new constitution:

Deep and Katie are working together on this and it will be ready for the AGM in January 2019.


- confirmation of budget with Mrs Daniels for the planetarium workshop:

Mrs Bond confirmed that this expense is on top of the £500 allocated to curriculum at the start of the school year (see Financial updates).


- family event in term 5:

This will not happen as all efforts are focused on organising the Summer Fair this year.


- PTA bank accounts:

Jill struggled to get through HSBC. She is still exploring the best option for the moment.



- Deep will sort out the track protections for the Summer Fair this year.

- Jill will carry on exploring the best solution for the PTA bank accounts.


· Financial update

Jill announced that we have at the moment £4,200 available to be spent/committed.


We have had some money coming in recently:

£92.80 from Bags2School,

£122.68 off commissions from Easyfundraising and Stamptastic,

Swimarathon has not gone through yet but Jill will check with Sarah.



Mrs Daniels has secured some funding for the KS1 climbing wall and asked whether the PTA would contribute in the region of £4,000.

Deep advised to keep £100 for the track protections rather than the £1,000 allocated at the last meeting, freeing an extra £900 to spend.

Mrs Strawson and Miss Alington asked for £580 for a farm visit for Year 1 and Year 2. This would come under the £500 allocated to curriculum at the start of the school year, with an extra £80.

Mrs Bond has asked for an Internet Safety Day with Paul Hay. Paul Hay will provide sessions for each school year, a presentation in assembly, an evening talk for parents and support to the teachers on INSET day. It will happen on the 13th of November 2018 and cost £580.

Mrs Strawson suggested the Green Redeem scheme, where parents can choose to send their points back to the school, the top 5 schools with most points being given some money. Jill said it could be looked into, as it will require forms to be filled in and people to register so they can allocate points to the school.

Deep asked whether we need to keep money aside to pay the Circus for the performances. Leng and Jill said the Circus can be paid a few days after the show, which give us some breathing space.

Mrs Rogers was asking whether, during the Summer Fair, there would be a possibility to involve 250 parents and children in breaking the world record for dancing on “Oups, Upside your head”. Deep raised the issue of recording, in some ways (videos or photos), the people present as a proof of the record being broken. Michaela said the marquee from the Circus will take a lot of place, which might get in the way if the plan is to have people sitting on the running track. The committee asked whether Mrs Rogers can look into what is required to validate the performance.


The committee therefore agrees to the following:

- the farm workshop for Year 1 and Year 2 at £580 (£500 previously allocated)

- the Internet Safety day at £580

- the planetarium workshop at £270

- the track protections at £100


The committee also agrees on principle for the climbing wall, asking if Mrs Daniels can provide a timeline or an indication as to when the money for it will be required.




- Jill will chase Sarah for the money from the Swimarathon.

- Mrs Strawson will check with Mrs Daniels for the timeline on the climbing wall.


· Calendar of future events


Term 6 (6th of June – 24th of July)


- Sports Day, 15th of June.


- Reception New parents meeting, 20th of June.

Some volunteers will be needed on the evening, to introduce the PTA to new parents, promote the picnic and set up refreshments for the meeting. Jo, Victoria and Michaela are happy to help.


- Picnic for new parents, 3rd of July.

The community room needs to be booked for that period in case it rains. Michaela is happy to organise it and Jo can also help.


- Summer Fair, 8th of July.

The Summer Fair Committee will meet up next week.


contacting the residents: Jo will draft a letter to distribute to the school residents to advertise the Summer Fair and invite them.


license and bins: Sarah will arrange those, providing more bins than usual.

portaloos: Karen is looking into those. Jill said she can get in touch with organizer for the Scouts reunions, as they generally face a large number of people. Deep suggested 2 portaloos, in addition to the school loos in KS2, would be sufficient.


programs with advertising : Leng asked whether to get as many programs printed as usual. The committee suggested to stick to 250.


communications: parents reps have been contacted and are reaching out already to gather volunteers for the different stalls.


details: the break in the middle will only last 30 minutes. The Circus will sell candy floss and popcorn, which are the only thing we are not allowed to sell.


PA system: Deep will contact Dave the Disco for the possibility of hiring some equipment.


ticket sales: the sale will start on the Friday 27th of April on the playground. It will be on every Friday at first, unless sales are slow and will need to take place on other days as well. Janet has agreed to sell tickets at Cookham Nursery, as will Isabel in Holy Trinity School. They will start in a couple of weeks, leaving some time for the parents in Cookham Rise to get their tickets first. Leng will see if the stationery shop would agree to sell some tickets as well. Jill suggested to increase the price to £10/person as an incentive for people to book early.


marquees: Deep asked that the Summer Fair Committee establishes how many marquees will be required, so he can coordinate with Holy Trinity to borrow their marquees as needed.


BBQ: Alfie said he will not set it up so the Year 6 parents will need to source equipment and supplies. It has been planned to have a BBQ and a stand to sell hot-dogs (with sausages kept warm in hot water) for an easier/quicker service.


tokens: Jill asked what the Summer Fair Committee’s decision was, regarding using token rather than money on the day of the Fair. Michaela had the idea to sell in advance/on the day tokens (50p/token) for people to use on the stalls. The committee debated back and forth on various options (only money, only tokens, tokens for stalls and money for BBQ and refreshments). One main advantage of the tokens is the elimination of all the floats lying around and requiring being looked after during the performances. A possible drawback is that people might spend less money or have to think more about how they are going to spend it (distribution between food and games).

In the end, the committee went for sticking with money and Jill will check how many money belts would be needed and whether we have enough for the day.




- Jo will draft a letter for the school residents.

- Deep will contact Dave the Disco about hiring equipment.

- Jill will contact the Scouts about the portaloos.

- The Summer Fair Committee will get back to Deep on the number of marquees required.


· Any other business

Halloween Disco 2018:

Jill has booked Dave the Disco already so we could benefit from a discount by booking early. In coordination with Mrs Daniels, the 2nd of November 2018 was the chosen date for that event.


Annual return:

Jill announced that the annual return for the school year 2016-2017 has been filed and has been updated for the Charity Commission.


Data Protection Act:

Parentkind has provided a booklet about the Data Protection law, with regulations put in action by the 25th of May.

In order to comply with the regulations, the committee will have to generate a clear template, establishing that we are asking the parents, who want to be part of the PTA, for their details (i.e. email address and phone number), the reason why we require those details, how long we will be holding on to that information and giving the guarantee we will not pass those details on to third parties.

Natalie advised to contact all the parents reps and everyone on the parents reps’ lists, so people have to opt in; the same applies to the PTA mailing list.

Deep agreed to create a template, that Jo will send to the mailing list and that Michaela will forward to the parents reps.

Michaela wondered whether we might not get many responses back. It will have to be made clear that if parents do not opt in by a certain date, they will be taken off the list. This will allow us to comply by the 25th of May. We can, at a later date, liaise with the Data Protection Officer appointed to the school, who will then be able to tell us the best way forward to manage the data we have.



- Deep will draft a template on the Data Protection regulations, for Jo and Michaela to forward on to PTA members.



Next meeting : Thursday 14th of June, 7:30pm