Cookham Rise Primary School

Upcoming Events



It has been said already but we would like to reiterate the message.


  A huge thank you to all helpers involved in the Summer Fair; whether it was behind the scene, on the setting up, on a stall or on the tidying up at the end, we can promise you it has not gone unnoticed. We are truly grateful for all the support, the time and the donations made towards this event and we can’t wait to hear what the school plans to do with the proceeds! 😊


Thank you again!


The PTA committee



Our next meeting will take place on the Tuesday the 17th September, at 7:30pm at the school.

Come to the front entrance of the school and just buzz the front doorbell if you need to be let in.


We will start planning events for the new school year and will go through any spending request that the school will put forward. Come along if you have any suggestion to make or simply to see what we do, there is no obligation to enrol in any duty!


Every parent or carer of a child in the school is very welcome to come along, with an especially warm welcome to anyone coming for the first time. Drinks and nibbles will be available.


See you there!


The PTA Committee

Cookham Rise Primary School has launched a lottery !!


As a new way to raise money for its PTA, Cookham Rise Primary School has joined Your School Lottery scheme.


You can find more information on the process, how to sign in and any other details on our PTA webpage.


Hope many of you will support this new initiative to help raising funds for Cookham Rise pupils!


The PTA Committee