Cookham Rise Primary School

Who's Who

Picture 1 Members of staff welcoming a visitor to the school
Picture 2 Staff singing for our school cd

Staff - roles and responsibilities - 2017/2018


Mrs. Helen Daniels

Headteacher/Assessment Leader

Mrs. Sara O'Mahony Deputy Headteacher/SENCO/Art and DT Leader

Class teacher Maple 4 (0.2)


Mrs. Lizzie Hunter

Mrs. Vicki Burkitt

Reception Teacher (0.6) - Life skills Leader

Reception Teacher (0.4) 

Ms. Grace Alington

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs. Alison Rogers

Year 1 (0.2)/Year 2 (0.4) teacher - Music/Literacy/RWI Leader

Mrs. Kirsty Strawson Class Teacher (0.6) - Humanities Leader
Mrs. Mandi McDermott

Class Teacher Oak 3 (0.8) - RE Leader

Mrs. Becky Bond Class teacher Maple 4 (0.8) - IT Leader

Mrs. Becky Conroy

Class teacher Beech 5 (0.6) - Maths Leader

Mrs. Kate Parris

Class teacher Maple 4 (0.1)/Willow 6 (0.2) - Science Leader

Mrs. Dawn Bennett

Class Teacher Willow 6 (0.8) - PE Leader

Ms. Claire Maher

Class Teacher Beech 5 (0.4) - MFL Leader


Mrs. Catherine Allcock

TA/Lunchtime Support

Mrs. Julie Armstrong

TA/IT Support/Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Diana Ash

TA Reception

Mrs. Allison Bond

1:1 Year 3 Support

Mrs. Michelle Bown

TA Year 6/Lead Lunchtime Supervisor/First Aid

Mrs. Lynne Brett

HLTA Year 2/First Aid

Mrs. Annie Cross

TA Year 1

Mrs. Alison Deeley


Miss. Arti Evmorfpoulos

TA/Lunchtime Supervisor/Sunrise Club Leader

Mrs. Maureen Hampton

TA/Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Caroline Warrington

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Julie Mack

HLTA Year 3

Mrs. Helen May

TA Year 4

Mrs. Anna Oliver

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Elizabeth Peters

HLTA Year 5

Mrs. Sharon Pocock

TA/Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss. Carol Weatherley

Lunchtime Supervisor




Mrs. Lesley Bedford

School Business Manager

Mrs. Helen Fisher

Finance Assistant

Miss. Sally Jenkins

Office Admin Assistant

Mrs Karen Lloyd

Office Admin Support/Lunchtime Supervisor/Kiss and Drop

Mr. Simon Bradfield

Site Manager





Catering Team (Caterlink)


Ms Maria Kemp








Leadership Team




Helen Daniels


Sara O'Mahony


Dawn Bennett


Lizzie Hunter


Kirsty Strawson








Our staff

Our staff 1 Helen Daniels - Headteacher
Our staff 2 Sara O'Mahony - Deputy Headteacher/SENCO
Our staff 3 Dawn Bennett - Year 6 teacher/P.E. Leader
Our staff 4 Kirsty Strawson - Year 2 teacher
Our staff 5 Lizzie Hunter - Reception teacher
Our staff 6 Vicki Burkitt - Reception Teacher
Our staff 7 Alison Rogers - Year 1/ RWI / Music leader
Our staff 8 Mandi McDermott - Year 1/2 teacher
Our staff 9 Rebecca Bond - Year 4 teacher/IT Leader
Our staff 10 Kate Parris - Year 5/6 teacher/Science Leader
Our staff 11 Becky Conroy - Year 5 Teacher/Maths Leader
Our staff 12 Claire Maher - Class Teacher (Maternity leave)
Our staff 13 Catherine Allcock - TA/Lunchtime Supervisor
Our staff 14 Julie Armstrong - TA/IT/Lunchtime Supervisor
Our staff 15 Diana Ash - Reception TA
Our staff 16 Alison Bond 1:1 TA
Our staff 17 Michelle Bown - TA/Lead Lunchtime Supervisor/F.A.
Our staff 18 Lynne Brett - HLTA/F.A.
Our staff 19 Annie Cross - TA
Our staff 20 Alison Deeley - TA and ELSA
Our staff 21 Arti Evmorfpoulos -TA/lunchtime Supervisor/Sunrise
Our staff 22 Maureen Hampton - TA and Lunchtime Supervisor
Our staff 23 Karen Lloyd - Lunch Supervisor/Kiss and Drop
Our staff 24 Julie Mack - HLTA
Our staff 25 Helen May - TA
Our staff 26 Anna Oliver - Lunchtime Supervisor
Our staff 27 Lisa Peters - HLTA
Our staff 28 Sharon Pocock - TA
Our staff 29 Carol Weatherley - Lunchtime Supervisor
Our staff 30 Lesley Bedford - School Business Manager
Our staff 31 Helen Fisher - Finance Assistant
Our staff 32 Sally Jenkins - Office Administrator
Our staff 33 Simon Bradfield - Site Manager