Cookham Rise Primary School

Who's Who

Picture 1 Staff singing for our school cd

Staff - roles and responsibilities - 2018/2019


Mrs. Helen Daniels

Headteacher/Assessment Leader

Mrs. Sara O'Mahony Deputy Headteacher/SENCO/Art and DT Leader

Mrs. Lizzie Hunter

Mrs. Alison Rogers

Reception Teacher (0.6) - Life skills Leader

Reception Teacher (0.4) - Music/Literacy/RWI Leader

Ms. Grace Alington

Class Teacher Chestnut 1 - Interim Maths Leader

Ms. Claire Maher Class Teacher Ash 2 (0.4) - MFL Leader
Mrs. Kirsty Strawson Class Teacher Ash 2 (0.6) - Humanities Leader
Mrs. Mandi McDermott

Class Teacher Oak 3 (0.9) - RE Leader

Ms Cara Wrightson Class teacher Maple 4 

Mrs. Becky Bond

Class teacher Beech 5 - Computing Leader

Mrs. Kate Parris

Class teacher Maple 4 (0.1) /Willow 6 (0.3) - Science Leader

Mrs. Dawn Bennett

Class Teacher Willow 6 (0.8) - PE Leader

Mrs. Catherine Allcock

TA/Lunchtime Support

Mrs. Diana Ash

TA Reception

Mrs. Allison Bond

1:1 Year 4 Support

Mrs. Michelle Bown

TA Year 6/Lead Lunchtime Supervisor/First Aid

Mrs. Lynne Brett

HLTA Year 2/First Aid

Mrs. Annie Cross

TA Year 1

Mrs. Alison Deeley

TA Year 3/ELSA

Miss. Arte Evmorfopoulos

TA Reception/Lunchtime Supervisor/Sunrise Club Leader

Mrs. Maureen Hampton

TA/Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Julie Mack

HLTA Year 4

Mrs. Helen May

TA Year 5

Mrs. Anna Oliver

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Elizabeth Peters

HLTA Year 5

Mrs. Sharon Pocock

TA/Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss. Carol Weatherley

Lunchtime Supervisor




Mrs. Lesley Bedford

School Business Manager

Mrs. Helen Fisher

Finance Assistant

Miss. Sally Jenkins

Office Admin Assistant

Mrs Karen Lloyd

Office Admin Support/Lunchtime Supervisor/Kiss and Drop

Mr. Simon Bradfield

Site Manager





Catering Team (Caterlink)


Ms Maria Kemp








Leadership Team




Helen Daniels


Sara O'Mahony


Dawn Bennett


Lizzie Hunter


Kirsty Strawson


Alison Rogers


Becky Conroy (maternity leave)




Our staff

Our staff 1 Sara O'Mahony - Deputy Headteacher/SENCO
Our staff 2 Dawn Bennett - Year 6 teacher/P.E. Lead
Our staff 3 Kirsty Strawson - Year 2 teacher/Humanities Lead
Our staff 4 Rebecca Bond - Year 4 teacher/IT Lead
Our staff 5 Kate Parris - Year 6 teacher/Science Lead
Our staff 6 Becky Conroy - currently on maternity leave
Our staff 7 Claire Maher - Year 5 teacher/MFL Lead
Our staff 8 Catherine Allcock - TA/Lunchtime Supervisor
Our staff 9 Julie Armstrong - TA/IT/Lunchtime Supervisor
Our staff 10 Alison Bond 1:1 TA
Our staff 11 Michelle Bown - TA/Lead Lunchtime Supervisor/F.A.
Our staff 12 Annie Cross - TA
Our staff 13 Maureen Hampton - TA and Lunchtime Supervisor
Our staff 14 Karen Lloyd - Lunch Supervisor/Kiss and Drop
Our staff 15 Julie Mack - HLTA
Our staff 16 Helen May - TA
Our staff 17 Anna Oliver - Lunchtime Supervisor
Our staff 18 Lisa Peters - HLTA
Our staff 19 Carol Weatherley - Lunchtime Supervisor
Our staff 20 Lesley Bedford - School Business Manager
Our staff 21 Helen Fisher - Finance Assistant
Our staff 22 Sally Jenkins - Office Administrator
Our staff 23 Simon Bradfield - Site Manager
Our staff 24 Alison Deeley - TA and ELSA
Our staff 25 Alison Rogers - Rec class teacher/English Lead
Our staff 26 Arte Evmorfopoulos - TA
Our staff 27 Cara Wrightson - Year 4 teacher
Our staff 28 Grace Alington - Year 1 teacher
Our staff 29 Helen Daniels - Headteacher
Our staff 30 Humaira Naseer - Caterlink Team
Our staff 31 Lisa Peters - HLTA
Our staff 32 Lizzie Hunter - Rec teacher/Life skills lead
Our staff 33 Lynne Brett - HLTA
Our staff 34 Mandi McDermott - Year 3 teacher?RE Lead
Our staff 35 Michelle Akinosho - Caterlink team
Our staff 36 Diana Ash - TA
Our staff 37 Sharon Pocock - TA