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"We want all our children to SHINE"

Week commencing 29th June

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you in school this week.


If you are in school, you are not expected to continue working at home, although you are welcome to do any of the suggested activities!

If you can't come into school this week, we will miss you!  Please find some ideas to keep you busy.



Our maths in school will focus on place value and nets - there are some worksheets to complete below

Please play the maths games on ActiveLearn and play for 10 minutes each day on Times Table Rock Stars



Make sure you are up to date with all the work on A Boy and a Bear in a Boat and practise spelling each day at


On ActiveLearn, please read a chapter each day of the book about Titanic. Imagine you are Grace and write a diary entry each day about being on board the Titanic.  You may need to research more about the Titanic to add detail to your diary.

Monday -

Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday -



Recap one of our year 5 science lessons by following the Bitesize lessons:

Reversible and irreversible changes:

The solar system:

How plants reproduce:

Mixing, dissolving and separating:



Have a go at making paper boats.  Which design is the best and why?

There are lots of YouTube tutorials to get you started.  Go to to begin


Computing and topic

Research the Titanic or another famous shipwreck.  Use your Sway skills to create a presentation about the boat



Follow the lesson on anthropometrics and ergonomics at



Create a sea creature out of junk, play-dough or plasticine.  Add as much detail as you can!



Keep practising French in our Memrise group at


Life skills

Make a poster or create a short film about the RNLI and water safety



Continue your research on sea shanties. In school, we will be learning Haul Away and Drunken Sailor.