Cookham Rise Primary School

Pupil Parliament

Our children are divided into vertical groups across the school and meet at least every half term to talk about an area of school life. So far discussions have taken place about school meals, our new website and Sport's day. The input of our Pupil parliament is much appreciated and has led to changes in the way that we do things and/or valuable input before changes happen.

Our most recent meeting was on the 1st October 2018 and we all talked about our new cabin.


Ideas from the children of names for our new cabin:


Shine Cabin

Cookham Cabin

The Hive

The Treehouse

The Learning Lodge

The Sapling

The Calming Cabin


We will vote on this soon!


Ideas for using the Cabin:

· As a quiet lunchtime space

· For clubs

· For some of our music or art lessons

· For reading quietly

· A place to go if you feel lonely

· A dreaming room

· For golden time


Ad a result of these suggestions we are now employing Mrs Allcock to be in the cabin between 12.45 and 1.15 each day so that children in Years 3—6 can use it as a quiet space if they don’t want to be outside.

I am in the process of ordering some books so that children can relax on the beanbags and read!


From this week we are also moving the Sunrise Club out to the cabin.


We will also be using the cabin for information and training sessions for parents—the first of these was on Friday 2nd November at 9.00am with our Educational Psychologist coming along.

Our next session is a Christmas chat and mince pie on Friday 7th December at 9.00am.