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PTA meeting minutes

PTA meeting 9th March 2022

Attendees: Katie Hone – Jill O’ Donovan– Mrs Bond – Lizzie Perry – Anita Reynolds


Katie chaired the Zoom session, kindly hosted by Mrs Bond.


Welcome and thanks

Katie welcomed everyone present at the meeting.


Events and Actions since last meeting

  • Events: none since last meeting
  • CAF signatories: completed and sent off. Awaiting a letter to acknowledge the changes. On receipt of this, Anita Reynolds can be set up for online banking.
  • Election of Chair and Treasurer: No volunteers have come forward since the last meeting, and the request in the newsletters. Jill and Katie will carry on with their roles until summer of 2023, but this will be their last year. Ideally, we would like the roles to be in place from September 2022 so they can shadow and facilitate a full handover.
  • Bag2School: Helen happy to manage this on her own and will pull in volunteers where required.
  • Second hand uniform shop: Gemma completed the survey and results show that there is an interest in continuing this and taking it to a digital format. Overall concept approved. Next steps outlined in actions in the actions section at the end of the minutes.

Financial Update

Jill has shared the report.

Payments received from Amazon, easyfundraising and the lottery.


There is about £4,000 on the account; £2,000 is kept as working capital, thus leaving about £2,500 available for spending.


Mrs Bond confirmed that work is continuing on the ICT and media suit, and it is set to be finished by the summer term.


The school does not currently have any request for spending.


Calendar of future events




28th February- 8th April

Term 4


18th March

Bags 2 School

Comic Relief

At school

At school

NEW: 1st April (after school)

PTA big walk/fun


Fundraising via justgiving link

School grounds utilising daily mile track- TBA with Mrs Daniels and Simon


26th April- 26th May

Term 5


NEW: 20th May

Fundraising quiz night

Venue TBC

6th June- 20th July

Term 6


NEW: 3rd July

Summer fair

At school

Any other business

The following fundraising events were discussed and agreed:

  • PTA fun run/walk: 1st April
  • Quiz night: 20th May
  • Summer fair: 3rd July


It was discussed that it would be nice to thank those lottery winners that donate their winnings to the school.


It was discussed but not finalised as to whether we need to do a comms to school parents, or just reception parents about what the PTA does, what fundraising events are there, and quantifying what is done with the funds raise, to try and get parents more engaged in the PTA and fundraising efforts.


  • Jill/Katie to write some copy for the volunteer request, to be shared with class reps and newsletter on what their roles of Chairperson and Treasurer are, and their responsibilities, as it was agreed that perhaps parents wouldn’t understand what was involved.
  • Lizzie to arrange picnic for new reception parents in the summer.
  • Lizzie/Katie looking into quiz master for fundraising quiz night, potentially a paid quiz master. Posting on Cookham noticeboard group to see if there is anyone locally.
  • Anita to notify Gemma that the digital second-hand uniform shop concept was approved. Gemma to revert with the following:
    • Where will the uniform be stored
    • How and where do you accept donations
    • How will people collect
  • Anita to ask for volunteers from class reps/wider parents WhatsApp groups to organise the PTA big walk/fun run
  • Lizzie to organise summer fair and look for volunteers from Year 5 parents to support
  • Jill to develop email as a thank you to those lottery winners who donate their winnings to the school. We discussed a thank you and how your donation helped the school/the sort of things it will be spent on
  • Mrs Bond to check with Helen and Simon that the 1st of April date for the PTA fun run/walk is approved, there is nothing in the diary but to confirm.
  • Mrs Bond/school to let Jill know if there is anything that is no longer needed in terms of planned purchases/activities.
  • Mrs Bond/school to ask the question as to whether we need school branded t-shirts for the school sports teams. (netball and football)
  • Anita to provide content for newsletter to Mrs Daniels. Anita to understand from Jo what is normally provided




Next meeting:

Wednesday, 4th May, 7:30pm

In Person TBD nearer the time