Cookham Rise Primary School

The Daily Mile

We have a fantastic running track on our field which we use to run 'The Daily Mile'.

Our aim is that all of our children will run on the track at last three times a week for about 10 -12mins with many completing a mile in this time.



15-minute turnaround from desk to desk

100% participation including children with SEN or ASN

Children run in their school clothes

It’s not competitive, it’s social and it’s fun

It happens outside in almost all weathers

Children can run, jog or walk

It should be kept simple and uncomplicated - one mile = 7 laps of our track

Risk assess your path/track – involve the children for ‘active learning’

There’s no need to warm up, no set-up, and no tidy-up – straight outside and off they go!



Clear improvement in children's health and well-being
Children get fitter and this helps them to access PE sessions even more
Tackles obesity and sedentary behaviours
Raises self-esteem
Improves focus in the classroom
Improves peer and staff/children relationships
Reduces stress/anxiety
Improves resilience (focus is on a PB)
Starts to equip children with positive coping strategies
It has been good for staff as well as children

Elm class out running!