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Wednesday 17th  June

Subject focus


Literacy Task

The Tempest -  Translation


Act II, Scene.  In this scene, Gonzalo, one of the shipwrecked lords, imagines how he would run the island if he were in charge of it. Cut out and match the lines of original Shakespearean text to the modern translation.

Spelling Task

Dots and dashes -  page 59

Maths Task

Palindromic number investigation


Work through the investigation by following instructions 1−6 on the  Palindromic number investigation  sheet. subtracting palindromic numbers.


10 minutes of timetables rock stars


Shakespearean seafaring (History):

The time in which Shakespeare was writing his plays was also a time of great seafaring for Britain – so it is no surprise that ships and shipwrecks feature so heavily in his work.  It was the age of exploration, as well as a time of pirates, of warfare, and of merchant ships trading with faraway lands.

Choose one of the seafaring research topics to create a short presentation. This should be done in a good level of detail and therefore carried out over the next two days. Use today to start your initial research.