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Good morning everyone!  We hope you are all keeping well.

I really hope you are all continuing to read books of your choice – 20-30 minutes a day is ideal.

This is the book I have just finished reading – it is the first time I have ever read this series of books and I am enjoying them so much!  Can you upload a photograph of a book you have read recently or are currently reading?  I will compile them into one document and share to give everyone some ideas.


Early Morning Task

On the right is a clue to what the word on the left is when unscrambled.


1 hour of activity

Mindfulness meditation – this week’s activity is called ‘Cloud Gazing’ and is an activity designed to raise your awareness of your thoughts.  Try to have a go at it at some point today.


This week we are starting to study a new text called The Tempest, by William Shakespeare.  We will be continuing this for a few weeks.  Shakespeare wrote in old English so the original text is fairly difficult to understand!  I have uploaded a simpler version of the text to help you ‘get to grips’ with the story.  Today’s lesson is simply to read the text.  Hope you enjoy it!



Translating shapes



William Shakespeare’s stories were often made into plays.

To enhance your understanding of The Tempest, please follow this link to watch a dramatic version of the story.