Cookham Rise Primary School

School Uniform

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Cookham Rise School Uniform for Elm Reception Class






Autumn / Winter Uniform

Grey skirt, grey pinafore dress

or grey trousers


Grey Trousers


White blouse or polo shirt


White shirt or polo shirt


School bow tie


School tie (optional in reception class only) Parents may add velcro to make it easier to put on/take off.


Bottle green cardigan or jumper with school logo


Bottle green jumper with school logo


White socks or green tights


Grey socks


Black shoes (not trainers)


Black shoes (not trainers)


Summer Uniform

Green & white check dress


Grey shorts or trousers


Grey skirt or shorts, white blouse or polo shirt & school bow tie or bottle green polo shirt with school logo


White shirt or polo shirt & school tie or bottle green polo shirt with school logo


Bottle green cardigan or jumper with school logo


Bottle green jumper with school logo


White socks


Grey socks


Black shoes (closed toed, no sandals)


Black shoes


Optional Extra Uniform (All year – boys and girls)

Bottle green zipped fleece with school logo


Bottle green waterproof jacket with school logo


P.E. – Sports kit for boys and girls

Drawstring PE bag with school logo


Bottle green shorts or skorts


White t-shirt with school logo


Black Plimsolls


Please note children in reception do not need PE hoodie tops or a school logo rucksack



Other Required Equipment

Cookham Rise Book Bag with school logo and a named water bottle for daily use.

Second Hand School Uniform Shop

This is run by Katie Hone who has two children at Cookham Rise Primary. Good quality second hand uniform is donated and sold at 75% off recommended retail price. Katie also has a limited stock of brand new uniform at 25% off. Please contact her directly to arrange any uniform requirements.

Mobile - 07859 026443

Email -

School Uniform from Year One onwards

Our school colours are green and yellow. The Winter Uniform consists of :


Bottle green jumper (boys) or cardigan (girls) with school logo

School tie (boys)

Neck bow (girls)

White shirts or blouses

Green book bag with school logo

P.E./ swimming bag with school logo

Bottle green P.E. shorts (or skorts for girls)

White P.E. shirt with school logo

Black plimsolls

Grey trousers (boys and girls)

Grey pinafore, trousers or skirt (girls)

Black Zip Up Hoodie with school logo in yellow (for P.E.) from year one onwards

Bottle green fleece with school logo - optional

Bottle green waterproof with school logo - optional


In the summer the boys may wear a bottle green polo shirt and the girls may wear a green check dress or a polo shirt.

Both girls and boys may wear grey shorts

A school logo backpack - optional from year 3 onwards


Uniform with the school logo can be purchased directly from our suppliers School Days Direct  

Other items may be bought from department stores or supermarkets or online.


School Days Direct Ltd  - Click here for map
652, Bath Road,


(Situated opposite Sainsbury on the A4)


Telephone: 01628 - 665353