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Happy Puzzle Company - 5th January 2016

In groups we wrote rhyming couplets to help us learn our times tables.


Three times table

Three times table starts easy
I know one times three is three.

Add a double to the mix
Two times three results in six.

Add one more three to make it shine

And three times three makes a sunny nine.

Add another from the shelf
Four times three make a twelve.

Watch and learn – it will be seen
That five times three makes fifteen.

Four times table

Someone came and shut the door
We learnt that one times four is four.

Then they came and slammed the gate
Two times four I know is eight.

Into the mysteries of maths we delve
Three times fours is always twelve.

The four times table is not mean
Because four times four is sixteen.

Orange shoes are never trendy
But five times four is always twenty.

The sleepy lion did not roar
But six times four is twenty-four.

My birthday is an important date
And seven times four is twenty-eight.

When I thought about what facts I knew
I remembered eight times four is thirty-two.

When I remember my maths tricks
I know nine times four is thirty-six.

Six times table

Twix, sticks and rocket ships
We know one times one is six.

We know that this one isn’t mean
Three times six makes eighteen.

Fix and mix and play with sticks
Six times six is thirty six.

Seven times table

My name is Devon
I know one times seven is seven.

Our seven times table is not mean
We know two times seven is fourteen.

When yesterday I saw a swan
I knew three times seven is twenty one.

When I had a party with my mate
He said four times seven is twenty-eight.

I felt so happy with my life
Cos five times seven is thirty five.

I found a clue inside my shoe
Cos six times seven is forty two.

I washed my hair until shines
Seven times seven is forty nine.

Hallowe’en is when you can play tricks
Eight times seven is fifty-six.

To help me learn I climbed a tree
Now nine times seven is sixty-three.

Eight times table

Cookham Rise learnt to skate
And found that one times eight is eight.

Football, cricket, something sporty
Five times eight I know is forty.

I ate and ate til I was sick on the floor
So eight times eight is sixty-four.

I had an adventure at the zoo
And found eight times nine is seventy-two.

We’re never getting in a fix
Cos twelve times eight is ninety six.

Nine times table

At Cookham Rise we really shine
We know that one times nine is nine.

My teacher can be really mean
But two times nine is eighteen.

Learning maths takes me to heaven
So three times nine is twenty seven.

My favourite band is Little Mix
Four times nine is thirty-six.

Eleven times table

I’ll drive really quickly down to Devon
Cos I know one times eleven makes eleven.

You know our maths facts are all true
Two times eleven makes twenty-two.

Today I’m going to climb a tree
Cos three times eleven is thirty-three.

I like to care for those who are poor
Four times eleven is forty-four.

I’ll park my car in the drive
Five times eleven is fifty-five.

I won’t be fooled by any tricks
Six times eleven is sixty-six.

I will fly up to heaven
Because seven times eleven is seventy-seven.

When I’m fishing with worm bait
Eight times eleven is eighty-eight.

When I climb up the vine
Nine times eleven are ninety-nine.

When I see a speckled hen
Ten times eleven is a hundred and ten.

Learning my table is really good fun
Eleven times eleven is one hundred and twenty one.

Going shopping for something fun and new
Eleven times twelve is one hundred and thirty two!


Twelve times table

Put some books on the shelf
I know that one times twelve is twelve.

I just locked the door,
Two times twelve is twenty-four.

My favourite chocolate is a twix
Three times twelve is thirty-six.

Let’s find something to create
Four times twelve is forty-eight.

I saw a dog, her name is Trixy,
We know that five times twelve is sixty.

I walk along with my favourite shoe
I know six times twelve is seventy-two.

I just opened up the door,
I know seven times twelve is eighty-four.

We have nothing that we need to fix
Cos eight times twelve is nine-six.

We wrote it down on a Victorian slate
Nine times twelve’s one hundred and eight.

Cos my puppy did a poo
I know eleven twelves are one hundred and thirty two.

When my brother was sick on the floor
I remembered twelve time twelve is one hundred and forty-four.


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