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Financial Reports


PTA meeting 15th September 2021


Attendees: Jill O’Donovan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Mrs O’Mahony.

Apologies: Lizzie Perry – Michaela McLachlan – Philippa Bradley.


Katie chaired the session.


Welcome and thanks

Katie welcomed everyone present at the meeting.

Mrs O’Mahony took the opportunity to address thanks from the school to the PTA for maintaining the fundraising going during those difficult times and to the parents for their continuous help and creativity.


Events and actions since last meeting

The Reception picnic with the new Reception cohort had to be cancelled due to uncertain weather. The Summer Fair was cancelled due to the restrictions in place at the time. The end of year was peppered with various events however:

  • Sports Day photos, 8th June, £280.
  • Swimarathon, 4th July, that brought an amazing £1,345 to the PTA.
  • Mufti Day, 16th July, £215.
  • Talent Show, 16th July (money raised falls under the JustGiving page on the account summary)
  • Bag 2 School, 19th July, £129.
  • Ice lolly sale by Year 3, £100.
  • Parties for Year 2 and Year 4 organised by Nicky Cox, 19th and 20th July, £343.76.


Volunteer to take over the Swimarathon: we will need someone to drum support across the years and to organise the teams for the day. The Maidenhead Lions have decided to hold the event in January 2022 at the Braywick Leisure Centre. Jo will put together a call for volunteer to be published in the newsletter.


Financial update

The account currently has £6,500 ready to spend. The JustGiving donations have generated an overall amount of over £1,000 and the school lottery is very near the £2,000 mark.

Jill will prepare the end of year account and contact Mel to see if she is happy to audit it, ready for the AGM in January 2022.

Some money is still owed to the school for items (such as iPad apps, the living eggs for Reception, a school trip for Years 5 and 6, some science materials and licences for Seesaw and Spelling Frame).

The committee agreed to maintain the recurring commitments for the coming year:

  • £300 for the Leavers’ photobook and £100 for the Leavers’ function.
  • Admin fee (bank, web domain, lottery license, PTA-UK membership, and data protection fee) £314.
  • KS1 Christmas presents and End of year trophies.


The school has several requests.

The first request encompasses an update of the ICT suite, the outside of KS2 and the outside of KS1, that will require £46,000. The agreement with the charity Spoore Merry and Rixman is that the charity would cover 50% of the cost and the school would have to fund the other 50%, i.e. £23,000.

£5,000 were kindly donated by a local family for the school to spend.


Aside of this, £1,000 are needed to fund books on diversity; teachers are looking at the possibility to make them available on Seesaw as needed. The committee agreed to the spending.

Mrs Bond has also organised trips to Three in Maidenhead from Year 2 to 6, which would come at £300-£350. The committee agreed to the spending.


The committee agreed to help funding the main project with the remaining funds, adding more to the pot as it becomes available. The school will have to decide how to best allocate the money between the ICT suite, the KS1 and the KS2 outdoors once the charity has given an answer. It might make fundraising easier if we can associate an event to how the money raised will be spent.



  • Jill will put together the end of year account to be audited.
  • The school will keep the committee updated on the funding from Spoore Merry and Rixman.


Calendar of future events

Term 1 (2nd June – 21st October)

Magic Show KS1, 15th October

This event is going ahead, on the Friday afternoon before half-term. Mrs O’Mahony or Mrs Daniels will be at school and the committee will provide biscuits to the children at the event. Children will be reminded to have their water bottle.


Term 2 (1st November – 17th December)

Bag 2 School, 5th November

The collection will take place in the morning. Mrs O’Mahony will check whether it is ok to keep the bags behind the gate next to the library depending on when the van arrives for pick up, as it can be any time between 9am and 1:30pm.


Magic Show KS2, 5th November

This event is also going ahead, on the Friday afternoon after half-term. Same organisation as for KS1.


Christmas Fair

As some schools are already now going back into the bubbles system, it was agreed to cancel the Christmas Fair this year as people stay on the school premises for that event and the hall gets generally rather packed.

Michaela said she was happy to go ahead with the cookbook idea.

An online silent auction could be set up if someone volunteers to take charge of it. One item could be a hamper prepared by each year group, creating 7 items to auction.

The possibility of having a stand to sell mulled wine and hot chocolate on the last day of term was suggested as well.

A Mufti Day can be scheduled, everyone wearing something festive, and the donation could be labelled as “money for the ICT suite” etc.


The committee agreed to announce now the cancellation of the Christmas Fair and to ask parents through the class reps if anyone wants to come forward with an idea/to volunteer to one of the above.


Term 3 (5th January – 18th February)

Swimarathon, TBA

As mentioned earlier, this event will take place in January on a Sunday; the date will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.



The date will be announced nearer the time. The rest of the year will be planned at a later stage.


Term 4 (28th February – 8th April)


Term 5 (26th April – 26th May)


Term 6 (6th June – 20th July)




  • The committee will send details about the Magic shows nearer the time.
  • The committee will announce the cancellation of the Christmas fair and make a call for alternatives.


Any other business

  • New Reception parents contact details:

We are supposed to get the parents to fill a form with their contact details if they wish for us to use them. Jill suggested to do it through the Reception WhatsApp group. Jo will liaise with Lizzie and draft a message for this.


  • New list of class reps:

Lizzie has now been made admin of the WhatsApp group and has been adding the new parents, it seems each class has a set of class reps.


  • Committee members for this coming year:

Jo announced that this year would be her last as the PTA secretary. It is preferable to announce it now to give enough time for volunteers to step up before the AGM and shadow Jo for the rest of the year before taking on the role. Jo will draft this alongside the call for a volunteer for the Swimarathon.


  • After school clubs:

There is a concern among some parents on the speed the after-school clubs get filled up and whether there would be any solution to this. This falls out of the PTA’s remit; the concern has been passed on to Mrs O’Mahony. It was emphasized at the meeting that such matters must be reported to the school directly; one good place to raise those questions are the coffee mornings, the next one being scheduled for the 24th September at 9am.


  • PTA meetings:

To help parents getting involved, it was decided that some of the meetings will be held online, some face-to-face. Therefore, the next meeting will be on Zoom, details to be sent nearer the time.


  • Voucher donation:

Katie was given a voucher for the Ivy restaurant in Marlow. The committee decided to combine the voucher with the lottery: it will be attributed to the person who has a winning ticket on the last draw before half-term (2nd October)



  • Jo will draft a message for the new Reception parents.
  • Jo will draft the call for volunteers for a new secretary and for the Swimarathon.



Next meeting:

Wednesday 10th November, 7:30pm, on Zoom

Details to be confirmed