Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports


PTA meeting 16th September 2020



Attendees: Jill O’Donovan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Michaela McLachlan – Mrs Daniels – Sarah Rodi – Samantha Austin – Emily Henningsen – Sarah Fardon – Victoria Strudwick – Neil Rees – Tim Martin – Alexis – Michelle.


Katie chaired the Zoom session, kindly hosted by Mrs Daniels.


Welcome and thanks

Katie welcomed everyone present at the meeting.


Events since last meeting

Due to lockdown, all events were cancelled at the end of the previous school year.

£720 was raised through a kind initiative led by Nicky Pateman, who created a rainbow thank you card. The PTA addresses thanks to Nicky for her help and to anyone who contributed.

Our online schemes are carrying on as usual:

  • EasyFundraising and, easy ways to contribute to the PTA whilst shopping online.
  • the school lottery, which could raise in the region of £1,600 this year if we maintain the number of people signed up.
  • a JustGiving page setup with Gift Aid for direct donation to the PTA.

In the current climate when setting up fundraising events is not possible, it becomes even more important to promote those schemes repeatedly to help support the school.


Financial update

The lottery proceeds for the last school year reached £1,300 through ticket sales and donation from winners who return their winnings, which is an amount almost as high as what the Quiz Night would generate.

The thank you card raised £720 after the cost of printing.

The Year 6 Leavers donated £150 towards an oven for the school (to be used by the children); the PTA gave £100 to make up the difference.

As the Summer Fair did not take place, the committee decided to put the order for new marquees on hold for now.


Jill went through the list of recurring commitments the committee must agree on at the start of each new school year:

Photo books for the Year 6 Leavers                                            £300

Donation towards the function for the Year 6 Leavers                £100

End of year trophies                                                                    £215

Christmas presents for KS1                                                        £100

Web domain                                                                                £50

Lottery licence                                                                             £20

PTA-UK membership and insurance                                           £110

ICD Data protection fee                                                               £35

Bank fees                                                                                    £60

The committee agreed to all the recurring commitments.


The school has asked for additional iPads for KS2. A bid for £9,000 was accepted and the school asked if the PTA can pay up to £4,500 to complete the order. The committee agreed to the spending.


The cost of new marquees would reach in the region of £3,000. The committee agreed to put the item on hold and to remove the commitment for now.


An Internet Safety Day with Paul Hay is scheduled for February 2021, for £570. The committee agreed to the spending.


The school does not currently have any other request.


Jill will go through the accounts for 2019-2020 to generate a summary that will be checked externally and ready to be signed off for the AGM in January 2021.



  • Jill will prepare an account summary for the previous year 2019-2020.


Calendar of future events

Term 1 (2nd September – 22nd October)

Bags to School, 29th September

Parents can drop their donations at the school on that day. A list of the items you can donate is found on their website (


            Scavenger Hunt, date tbc

Sarah Rodi came up with a Scavenger Hunt idea set up around Cookham. It was suggested at the meeting to tie the event up with Halloween, around half-term. The sheet to fill in during the hunt would have to be completed and handed in after the holidays or by a certain date. One winner would be picked up at random among the right answers. We have the possibility to ask family to make a donation online, offering £5 per family to take part, as a suggestion. Victoria also suggested to have a picture contest at the same time, and to have prizes for best costumes. Sarah offered to put prizes together and get hold of some chocolates.

Details on how the event will take place will follow soon.


Term 2 (2nd November – 18th December)

The committee made the decision to cancel the Christmas Fair 2020 due to the current situation and would welcome any alternative solution, online preferably.

One idea was to have a silent auction, like what Cookham Nursery did last year. However, the current climate makes it more difficult to go around local businesses and ask for free prizes. No firm decision was made on the subject yet.


Mrs Daniels said that the way the Christmas shows will happen this year is still very unclear, and the school does not have a definite plan yet.


Sarah asked whether it would be possible to set up a sweet sale after school on some days, to fundraise for the Year 6 Leavers. She will discuss how to organise it safely with the school.


Term 3 (5th January – 12th February)

The committee will wait until January to plan the rest of the year.



  • Sarah will liaise with the committee to set up the Scavenger Hunt.
  • The committee will call for volunteers and online fundraising ideas.


Any other business

  • Christmas card sale:

Victoria suggested to have individual Christmas cards made to be sold around Christmas, whether this would require a lot of involvement or not. She will talk to Nicky Pateman to have an idea on numbers and cost.


  • Copas turkeys:

Copas Farm offers to give up to £10 per turkey to the PTA if we register with them. Mrs Daniels agreed to this and for flyers to circulate.




Next meeting:

Wednesday, the 11th November, 7:30pm

Details to be confirmed