Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports


PTA meeting 4th March 2020


Attendees: Jill O’Donovan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Michaela McLachlan – Philippa Bradley – Anna Kemp – Leng Forrest – Victoria Strudwick – Mrs Rogers.

Apologies: Lizzie Perry.


Katie chaired the session.


Welcome and thanks

Katie welcomed everyone present at the meeting.



Events since last meeting

Parents Film Night:

That event was unfortunately cancelled due to the lack of heating. The committee suggested to try again at the start of the next year (November?).


Financial update

Money is coming in from the Quiz ticket sales: up to 87 tickets collected so far, so nearly all the parents who booked a ticket have paid. Tracking the money was a bit difficult so it was suggested, for next year, to ask each class rep to collect the money for their year group and to pay the PTA account all in one go.


Purchase of a card reader for £22.80. We will have a first try-out at the bar on the Quiz Night and see how it works out.


£60 profit from Year 6 made on print copies of the Year 5 picture sold at the Silent Auction during the last Summer Fair.


The invoice for the iPad came up to £9,500, freeing up £3,500 to spend.

We therefore have £8,000 available to spend and an £2,000 for a working capital.


There is currently no request coming from the teachers.


One request from the committee: purchase of new marquees. The one we own and the ones we usually borrow from Holy Trinity Primary School are a real effort to sort out and to put up. They also require a lot of volunteers to help on the Sunday morning of the Fair.

The new ones are resistant to wind up to 50m/hr. They have ropes to get tied down, they are easier to put up, to store and can be hired out if we want to. We can always purchase more weights for safety.

Michaela will find out the cost of a combination of large and smaller marquees and see whether they can be ordered through the school, to save on the VAT.



  • Michaela will get a proposition together for the purchase of new marquees.


Calendar of future events

Term 4 (24th February – 2nd April)


Parents Quiz/Disco Night, 6th March

So far, 92-93 people are coming. The bar is sorted out by Dom (Prosecco, wine, soft drinks, beers). The event will start at 7-7:30pm for an 11pm finish, leaving enough time for tidying up at the end. Food will be bangers and mash. The organisers will start setting up straight after school finishes. Pip purchased 100 ceramic plates from IKEA as a sustainable solution, although this will require maintenance and storage.

The Fancy Dress (optional) is a London-theme.

The organisers would like to let the teachers know that they are welcome to participate and book their table for that event, as they used to a few years ago.


Bags to School, 18th March

The collection will take place on the morning as usual, by the front of the school.


Term 5 (20th April – 24nd May)

Family event, TBC

The committee suggested to send a note to the class reps to see if someone has an idea for a family-orientated event. There is of course always the possibility to do a family bingo. Other ideas were suggested: Family Fortune Quiz, Family Run, Colour Run, Scavenger Hunt (the most popular). Michaela will send a note once the Quiz has passed.


Term 6 (2nd June – 22nd July

- Reception induction meeting and picnic with New Parents, TBA

Michaela and Jo will get the dates of those events from Mrs Hunter once they are set up.


- Sports Day, 19th June

The Year 6 parents will sell ice lollies, teas, coffees and cakes at this event, to help raise money for the Year 6 end of year party.


- Summer Fair, 5th July

The organisation is underway. The theme this year is Afternoon at the Movies.


The organisers asked whether it would be possible not to pay the entrance fee at the Summer Fair (50p for one child, £1 for an adult, £2 for a family). For Health and Safety and RBWM event licensing purposes we have to keep track of the number of people coming into the fair. The easiest way to do that is by having a symbolic entrance fee, where we also keep a tally sheet/record of entrants. The amount we raised through the entrance fee is important to our fundraising, for example is enough to pay for the Living Eggs for the Reception class.


The organisers are happy to have a go at using tokens (1 token = 50p), that can be used for the entrance and the stalls instead of cash. They could be sold in advance and distributed on the day at a Box Office by the entrance. This would help with reducing the change shortage in the stall floats. Coins will still be accepted of course. The committee will look into purchasing more card readers depending on how successful it is at the Quiz Night, to allow card payment.


Inflatables: these will need booking soon and their price is important as that element does not normally make money for the fair, we usually break even with it.


The organisers are discussing inviting external vendors to set up stalls at the Fair for the parents. The committee has decided against it as the Summer Fair is our main fundraiser of the year, so any money given to external stalls is money that does not go towards the school. This eliminates the need for the admin around insurance checks and certificates, appropriateness of stalls selling to children and safety issues around vehicles on the field/playground. There was an issue with a vehicle last year driving over the track during the event without appropriate track protection and without safety measures in place to keep people away from the moving vehicle. We need to limit the number of vehicles on site to as few as possible – and all vehicles need to be offsite for the duration of the fair.  


There will be some competition events running at the fair as well: a cake competition, other ideas at the moment (film quiz, song quiz, stop-motion competition with videos sent before the fair, etc.). Anna will narrow down those ideas once she works out the logistics of them all.

Philippa also suggested a Lego stall for children to build things out of Legos and get a prize for the best construction. Legos could be donated by the families and given to the school after the Fair (if the school wants them).



  • Michaela will drop a note to class reps for ideas/organisers for a family event (Scavenger Hunt?).
  • Michaela and Jo will liaise with Mrs Hunter for the Reception events in Term 6.


Any other business

  • The Quiz organisers were asking, as parents asked for a Disco at the end of the Quiz (due to the previous format), whether we could have a Disco Night for parents as a separate event. The committee had no objection but pointed out that on the one occasion such an event was organised, the ticket sales were really slow, and the event nearly got cancelled.
  • Another suggestion was to propose a Christmas event to rally all the parents, rather than having drinks with each year group. There is again no objection, bearing in mind Christmas is a busy time.
  • Feedback on the Halloween events: the Disco Night is felt to be overwhelming for some of the youngest children and the Film Night does not seem to capture the KS2 children’s attention. The committee had previously agreed to rethink the format. Suggestions were made to run a family event instead or inviting a theatre group or a magician. Michaela will look into magic shows on offer in the area.
  • Second-hand uniform: Katie suggested to organise a sale after school and before the Easter holidays, to clear up some of the summer clothes, freeing some space to store the plates.



  • Michaela will look into magic shows for Halloween 2020.
  • Katie will set up a date for uniform sales.



Next meeting:

Wednesday, 29th April, 7:30pm