Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports


PTA meeting 11th November 2020



Attendees: Jill O’Donovan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Michaela McLachlan – Mrs Daniels – Emily Henningsen – Kate Kohn – Amber Edlin.


Katie chaired the Zoom session, kindly hosted by Mrs Daniels.


Welcome and thanks

Katie welcomed everyone present at the meeting.


Events since last meeting

Bag 2 School raised £270 with the biggest amount of clothes donated to date.

The Halloween Trail was very successful and brought £250. Families gave a lot of positive feedback; the activity was very appreciated by the children. We are very thankful to Sarah Rodi and her daughter Mia, for designing the trail. Prizes have been handed out to the winners of each year group (photos published in the newsletter).


Financial update

We raised around £1,175 in a socially distant manner.

The Swimarathon that happened in January 2020 paid out £236. It will happen on the 4th July this year. It would be worth pushing on the promotion of that event as it requires an easy organisation and is a fun opportunity for the children. July might also make it easier than January, as we are generally quite busy at the Christmas period and the Swimarathon seems to go unnoticed.

The Meter Market Raffle gave us £115, thanks to the organiser.

The school lottery gave £400 for a quarter, with 81 tickets a week currently, which would provide around £1,600 for the year.

The PTA raffle is getting popular and has sold 42 tickets so far. It would also be worth promoting it this term.

Jill has applied for the PTA to have Facebook Donate, as Facebook does not let us publish our Just Giving Page. This should be activated within a few weeks, as a new way for families to make donations.


Nationwide is closing its branch in Cookham and the charity accounts. Jill has already transferred most of the money on our CAF account. The rest will be transferred once the bank will be officially closing our account. This means that for the moment, we are unable to get cash out, which would be needed for floats, were we to run events. It becomes therefore essential to move towards a cash-less system. We currently have 3 card payment machines and we will have to discuss how we want to proceed for big events if we have to avoid floats (i.e. using tokens, coupons, etc.).

The current climate complicates things as banks do not open new accounts for now.


Some requests were made from the teachers:

Mrs Rogers asked for Spelling Frame resources for 3 classes, £50 per class, £150 in total. The committee agreed to the request.

Some reading books for Year 4 are needed, as resources for children suffering from dyslexia, for a few £100. The committee agreed to the request.

In the long term, the school is investigating resources for the learning of a second language in KS2, which could require some IT support. It will not necessary a big expense, the school is currently doing some research and is in touch with secondary schools before deciding what scheme would be best to meet the curriculum requirement. Mrs Daniels anticipates this would be a spending for the Easter period.

Training on the iPads has been booked. There won’t be an order yet for more IT equipment as any electronic equipment is hard to get hold off and is impossible to buy in bulk now.



  • Jill will open a new account when possible.


Calendar of future events

Term 2 (2nd November – 18th December)

A document was published in the newsletter, recapitulating the various schemes the PTA is associated with, including initiatives from school parents.

Jo will update the document by

  • extending the promotion from Sible, offer that carries on until the 20th November.
  • adding Helen’s website for SewHellySew, selling facemasks with a  Christmas-type material.
  • adding Amanda’s website for her set of 4 Christmas cards that can be personalised.
  • adding a special prize to win through the School Lottery.


Amber suggested a Pet Competition, to get children involved in this period when it is difficult to do things outside the house. She suggested that families can submit photos or videos of their pet, their friend/neighbour’s pet if they don’t own one, the wildlife in general otherwise. Photos and videos can be separated in different categories and the PTA can ask for a suggested donation via our Just Giving page for taking part, as we did for the Halloween Trail. Amber is happy to manage the online platform for the photos and videos, sort out prize and find external judges to choose the winners.


Mrs Daniels mentioned that at the end of the Nativity plays from Reception and KS1 and the Carol Concert from KS2, retiring collections are normally taking place. This will not be possible this time so she was wondering whether it would be ok to suggest to parents to do a donation to the PTA if they want to. Katie suggested to have a Christmas Jumper Day, on the last day of term, in exchange for a donation (as on Mufti Day) for the PTA. We can always promote regularly our Just Giving Page so parents know that there is a way to donate some money should they wish to do so.


Amber also suggested a Santa Run: asking the children to run a lap, timed, wearing a Christmas accessory and families could donate to take part.

Kate asked whether there was a possibility to plan a sale of Christmas trees this year.


Term 3 (5th January – 12th February)

The committee will wait until January to plan the rest of the year.

The AGM will take place on the 20th January.


Katie will check with Marissa for the next Bag 2 School collection in spring. We are postponing the Magic show until later in the year.

The committee suggested the 27th June for the Summer Fair (subject to governmental regulations) so it does not clash with the Swimarathon.



  • Jo will update the document on the online fundraising activities.
  • Katie will check the date for the next Bag 2 School.
  • Michaela will contact the magician to move the shows again.


Any other business

It would be good to mention the next meeting will be the AGM, where the election of the committee members will take place. We will publish a note specifying that if someone is interested by or would like to shadow one of the roles for the rest of the year, they can come forward as candidates prior to the meeting.



  • Jo will draft a note for the newsletter about the AGM in January.




Next meeting: AGM

Wednesday, the 20th January, 7:30pm

Details to be confirmed