Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports


PTA meeting 17th September 2019


Attendees: Jill O’Donovan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Michaela McLachlan – Lizzie Perry – Natalie Reid-Hughes – Kate Lafford - Mrs Bennett – Mrs Strawson.


Katie chaired the session.


Welcome and thanks

Katie welcomed everyone present at the meeting.


Actions since last meeting

See the section “Any other business”.


Financial update

Jill gave the last update on the account.

We start with £17,752 at the beginning of the year. With £2,416 paid on the previous school year and £1,657 still committed on various items, we currently have £13,679 available.

As we keep £2,000 as working capital, we therefore have in the region of £11.500 available to spend.


The committee went through the list of the recurring commitments, which have all been approved for this year:

School leavers’ photo books (£300), School leavers’ function (£100), End of year trophies (£215), KS1 small Christmas presents (£100), lottery license (£20), PTA-UK membership (£105) and bank fees (£60).


Mrs Bennett put forward a request for KS2: increase the number of iPads in the classrooms, currently allowing 4 children per iPad. The ideal situation would be to bring the number to 2 children per iPad, which would represent purchasing 7 iPads per class (for 4 classes) at a cost of £15,000. It becomes increasingly important to facilitate access to iPads to the children, especially in KS2 as they use it more often and in a different way to KS1 and Reception. The iPads can all be on the same license and will fit in with the new IT strategy that will be put in place. Mrs Bennett also said that the trolleys where the iPads are kept for charging can currently accommodate 6 more. Depending on how much the PTA can afford to give, the IT funding can also help towards that goal.


As a regular commitment at the beginning of the year, the committee attributes £275 to each year - £550 for pairs (yr 1and 2, yr 3 and 4, yr 5 and 6) – towards the curriculum, for the teachers to spend as they see fit and to allow some flexibility, so the teachers do not seek consent repeatedly from the committee.


It has also come to mind to the committee members that it might be worthwhile investing in pop-up marquees for the Summer Fair, as they would require less effort (and less committed volunteers on a Sunday morning!) to be set up. Michaela had a first look and announced that an amount in the region of £2,000 would be required to get that new equipment.


Bearing all of this in mind, the committee members agreed to the following:

  • Attribution of £275 to each year for the teachers to spend towards the curriculum.
  • Attribution of £10,000 towards new iPads for KS2.

The committee members also agreed to look into pop-up marquees in more details and bring this item back on the agenda after the Christmas Fair; the marquees being required only for the Summer term, there is no urgency to purchase them now and time still to raise the money for them throughout the year.



  • The school will liaise with Jill about the final number of iPads that can be purchased with £10,000.
  • Michaela will have a closer look at pop-up marquees available.



Calendar of future events

Term 1 (5th September – 24th October)

Bags to School, 3rd October

Marissa will take charge of the collect this year. Katie will check with her if a second date has been booked already.


Disco Night KS1, 21st October

Dave the Disco has been booked for the entertainment on the Disco Night. A call through the class reps in Year 1 and 2 will be put through to take the lead this year and find someone to coordinate the event:

  • Recruiting volunteers helping on the day (generally 2 – 3 parents from each year)
  • Making popcorn that will be distributed when the children have a break, etc.


Term 2 (4th November – 20th December)

Film Night KS2, 8th November (tbc)

Again, the KS2 class reps will be contacted to find someone to coordinate the film night:

  • Selecting a couple of movies for the children to choose from
  • Making popcorn that will be distributed at the interval
  • Recruiting volunteers helping on the day, etc.


Michaela said she is happy to run it at the condition that it takes place on the Friday, which will need to be confirmed with the school.


Christmas Fair, 6th December

This will run from 3 to 4:30pm. Lizzie has very kindly agreed to run it once again this year. Jill will get a bar license (for the mulled wine). The community room will need to be booked promptly for the whole day, which helps getting set up before the fair starts.

Lizzie will get started and will allocate stands to each year group.


Christmas shows, 5th and 10th December

It has been agreed this year that we will not provide refreshments during the KS2 carol concert on the 19th December as the hall gets rather packed and busy at that time.

However, a stall will be set up for the other shows:

Reception Nativity, 5th December, 2:15pm: Katie, Lizzie and Jo (tea, coffee, some biscuits).

KS1 Nativity, 10th December, 2pm: Katie, Kate and Jo (tea, coffee, any left-over biscuits or cakes from Christmas Fair if any).

KS1 Nativity, 10th December, 6pm: Katie and Kate (wine and any left-over biscuits from Christmas Fair if any). Jill will get a license for the wine.


Term 3 (7th January – 14th February)

Swimarathon, TBA

The committee will check with Sarah if she is still happy to run it again this year (generally one of the first Saturdays in January).

It would be a good idea to advertise it better because a lot of new parents are not aware this event takes place. Mrs Bennett suggested to have some flyers at the Christmas Fair, that can also appear in the newsletter and be circulated via the class reps.



The date will be announced at a later stage.


Parents Quiz/Disco Night, TBA

It is always a very successful event and people expect it to take place each year, so the committee felt it should be maintained this year. Jill will get in touch with Verity to see if Oli would be happy to do it again. Kate will check with Alfie if we can make arrangement to get his previous set of questions, if it helps.


Term 4 (24th February – 2nd April)

Bags to School, TBA


Term 5 (20th April – 24nd May)

Family event?


Term 6 (2nd June – 22nd July

- Reception induction meeting, TBA

- Sports Day, TBA

- Picnic with New Reception parents, TBA

- Summer Fair, TBA





  • Katie will check if a second Bag to School collect has been booked.
  • Michaela will ask the KS1 class reps to find a volunteer to run the Disco Night.
  • The school will confirm the date for the Film Night.
  • Jill will sort out the bar licenses.
  • The committee will ask Sarah if she carries on with the Swimarathon (+ flyer).
  • Jill will check with Verity for the quizmaster’s availability (Quiz Night)




Any other business


Boat-racing event:

Louise had mentioned this as a fundraising event. The committee is happy to support the idea if Louise has more details on this and is happy to take charge of the event, as the committee members felt this would get a lot of interest. Natalie volunteered to help with that and to liaise with Louise to set this up.


PTA shed:

Michaela and Jo have volunteered to do some clearing in the PTA shed, especially if we do move forward with the new pop-up marquees. This will take place according to their respective availabilities.


Committee changes:

The committee members are happy to carry on with their role for now and do not foresee to step down in January.


Communication to parents:

Jo suggested, from now on, once the minutes of each meeting have been uploaded onto the PTA webpage (on the school website), to send the link to all the class reps. They can then forward it onto their respective parent list. The same can be done with the reminder of the next meeting (also on the PTA webpage).



Next meeting:

Thursday, 14th November, 7:30pm