Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports


PTA meeting 10th March 2021



Attendees: Jill O’Donovan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Michaela McLachlan – Sarah Rodi - Mrs O’Mahony.


Katie chaired the Zoom session, kindly hosted by Mrs O’Mahony.


Welcome and thanks

Katie welcomed everyone present at the meeting. All our thanks to Lizzie Perry who steps in to take over Michaela’s role in September 2021.


Events since last meeting

No events to report since the last meeting.


Financial update

Jill has renewed the licence for the lottery, which has now a clear expiry date, making it easier to remember when to renew it.

Jill is expecting a payment from Amazon. The lottery is currently the only thing raising money, in the region of £1,000 for this year.


We currently have £7,500 left to spend and £4,500 put aside towards iPad.

There is not much activity on the accounts as we are not running any events at the moment.


Jill noted to pay attention to the card readers SumUp: the money paid in the readers can either go on the PTA account or on a SumUp account; make sure to opt out of that option so the money goes to the right account (i.e. the PTA account).


Jill is keeping an eye on the Nationwide account and plans to empty it soon, after the money from Bag2School has been paid in, because Nationwide will not support that type of account for much longer.

She will also close the 60 day notice account and transfer the money on the main account, because it is not bringing a lot of money anyway and that will be one less thing to set up in the future with new signatures.


The teachers do not have any request for the moment.

Year 5 and Year 6 are using the new batch of iPads now, the school prefers to wait before rolling it out with the Year 4.

The focus has rather turned towards the outside area behind the KS2 classroom. It has been newly paved, with the tables freshly painted. There could be additional resources needed to use outside and support teaching in groups. The school will keep the committee posted on this.


Calendar of future events

Term 4 (22nd February – 1st April)

Bags to School, 16th March

The next collection will be the 16th March. The committee will remind the class reps on Friday.



Easter trail:

The Halloween trail worked well so the committee has suggested to do something similar for Easter, as a nice and easy thing to do as a family, with donations sent through the JustGiving page.

Jo will drop a line to Philippa, see if she is interested to run that event. Sarah is happy to take the lead otherwise.


Term 5 (20th April – 28th May)

Events, if any, to be confirmed nearer the time.


Term 6 (8th June – 21st July)

Sports Day:

Mrs O’Mahony confirmed that the school will arrange for Sports Day to happen, to a fashion, according to regulations in place. We will know more nearer the time.


Magic shows, 11th-18th June (provisionally):

The shows are for the moment scheduled for June, on Friday afternoons after school, one for KS1-Reception and one for KS2. The magician is happy to move those dates if required. It could still be used as entertainment during the Summer fair potentially.


Summer Fair, 27th June:

It would be preferable to hold it during this school year rather than in September, if only for the Year 6 who would have a fair before they leave the school (as they didn’t have one last year).

It was decided to keep it low key and to start organising it beginning of June, to make sure we have a clearer view of the regulations in place. We will announce the date more widely after the Easter holidays.

We will also consider lifting the entrance fee.


Reception picnic:

It would be good to maintain this event as well this year, if possible. This requires a very limited amount of preparation so that can be arranged at the last minute, on the day when the whole cohort of new Reception children is at school in July.


Swimarathon, 3rd July:

Amanda will organise the Swimarathon this year and the committee will make sure to promote the event beforehand.



  • Jo will contact Philippa about the Easter Trail.



Any other business


It was suggested to hold on to this idea for the start of the new school year and use it as a Christmas present, to change from tea-towels.


Hoodies- tops:

Nicky Cox had suggested a hoodie sale. Maybe a T-shirt/long sleeve top would be easier to sell (cheaper than hoodies). Katie will ask Nicky if she still wants to take the lead on this.



Next meeting:

Wednesday, the 28th April, 7:30pm

Details to be confirmed