Cookham Rise Primary School

Financial Reports


PTA meeting 16th June 2021



Attendees: Jill O’Donovan – Katie Hone – Joelle White – Michaela McLachlan – Lizzie Perry – Marissa Holden – Mrs O’Mahony.


Apologies: Kira Holland


Katie chaired the Zoom session, kindly hosted by Mrs O’Mahony.


Welcome and thanks

Katie welcomed everyone present at the meeting.


Events since last meeting

Sports Day, 8th June:

Thanks to Amanda Boulding for helping to set up the photographer on Sports Day, who took lovely pictures of the children during the day. 45% of the money raised will be going to the PTA.


Financial update

Not much movement on the account for obvious reasons. The school had no spending request at this point in time.


Calendar of future events

Term 6 (8th June – 21st July)

Reception picnic 6th July:

The flyer has been distributed and the event mentioned to the new parents. Lizzie will help on the day. The community room is not in use at the moment so it couldn’t be booked, hoping for good weather on the day.


Swimarathon, 4th July:

Jill is organising the Swimarathon this year but someone else will have to take the lead next year. 48 people have signed in. Jill will forward nearer the time a reminder for parents to send the donation through.


Summer Fair, 18th July:

Sadly, the Summer Fair cannot go ahead with the current restrictions in place, so the committee took the decision to cancel it this year. Keeping the event running with the bubbles kept in place is logistically too complicated.

Michaela suggested to hold an event Summer Fair-type in September, bearing in mind that does not leave much time for organisation straight after the summer holidays. Mrs O’Mahony suggested the end of September potentially but hardly later than that as the weather will become an issue then.

Marissa asked how much of a shortfall we are facing: the Summer Fair usually raises around £4,000, bringing a total of £10,000 at the end of the school year. We have currently raised £4,500 for 2020-2021.

Jill suggested that each year group could hold social events limited to their year group if they wanted to, without going over 30 people, asking for donation to the PTA at the same time (i.e. coffee mornings). Jo mentioned the Year 4 are looking to organise a party for the children, asking for a donation to the PTA. A message will be sent out to class reps for them to decide if they want to organise anything.


  • The committee will issue a message to the class reps, if any of them wants to organise anything within their year group.
  • Jo will draft a message to find a new volunteer for the next Swimarathon.


Any other business

Outdoor cinema night:

This will require for the current set of restrictions to be lifted.


Bags 2 school:

Marissa suggested to have a 3rd Bags 2 school before the end of term, to help raise some money. She will enquire about availability and let the committee and the school know. She will liaise with Amanda Boulding, who will take over next year.


Netball equipment:

Natalie suggested the netball equipment looks a bit dated and could do with an update with new nets or poles, a new ball, and a new kit. She asked whether the PTA would accept to fund this. The committee agreed on principle. Mrs O’Mahony mentioned that the school has already bought kits last year so she would assume they are still in good conditions. Mrs Bennett will look into nets which can definitely be replaced; posts are expensive so the school will wait to replace them as they are still operational.


Mufti Day fundraiser:

It was suggested to have a Mufti Day near the end of term to generate more donations. The 16th July was proposed as a date.



  • Marissa will enquire to set up a new Bags 2 school for this year.
  • The committee will send an announcement about the next Mufti Day once the school has confirmed the date.


Next meeting:

Wednesday 15th September, 7:30pm

Details to be confirmed