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Friday 3rd July

Subject focus


Literacy Task

Look at the letter Mrs Green has wrote to her class.

Can you spot her mistakes?

Spelling Task

This week go to and work through the activities given for spelling rule one - Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words of more than one syllable

Maths Task

 Multiplication and division problems


Decide whether you need to use multiplying or dividing to work a questions then choose a method. Remember the chunking and grid method that you learnt last half term. Choose the bronze, silver or gold challenge.


10 minutes of timetables rock stars



Mythical monsters: The Tempest, In Act III, Scene III, Ariel appears before Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian in the form of a harpy (a mythical monster with a woman’s head and a bird’s body).  Use a range of images of animals and humans from magazines and newspapers. Choose two or more images to cut up, gluing parts of them back together to create a collage of your own mythical monster.  As an extension activity, you could come up with a name for their monster, and a description of its behaviour and key features.