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Monday 23rd March

Monday 23rd March 2020


Good morning to you all. We hope this message finds you well. Please say hello to your children from the Year 2 team and tell them that we are thinking about them.

Each day there will be a learning grid added to the website containing the work that has been set for your child. Tasks can be completed in any order so please feel free to make your own timetable.

Some activities in the home learning section may require a little extra time and can be spread over a couple of days. Please use your own judgement on this.

There may be occasions where you feel your child needs a little extra challenge or a little extra support. Remember to be guided by them as an individual as this is what we would normally do in a lesson.

Remember to read daily and use timestables rockstars to stay on top of your multiplications!

Other ideas:

  • Children across the UK are making rainbows and displaying them in their windows to bring a little happiness for passers-by
  • Joe Wicks will be streaming live at 9am on his youtube channel to help have a healthy and active start to the day.
  • There are live cooking sessions on Instagram Mon, Wed and Fri at 4pm with Theo Michaels called Kids Cook with Theo. Monday’s session is about Flatbreads please see his page for ingredients. instagram@theocooks
  • Blue Peter Badges may be another fun activity to be completed
  • Steve Backshall is doing a live stream on Wednesday 25th March at 1pm on facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Monday 23rd March 2020

Subject focus


Reading task

CGP Reading Comprehension Book 1:

How to Grow a Seed on p2

Making Lemonade on p3

Maths task

CGP Maths book:

Number and Place Value p2-3

Abacus online (password same as Purple Mash):

Excellent Estimating game

Spelling rule

Unit 5 – The ee sound spelt ey

Examples include:

chimney, key, alley, trolley, money, monkey, donkey, valley, key, jockey, turkey, honey, journey.

Choose three more words to test your child on at the end of the week from words that you know they struggle with.

RWI homework book

Unit 1 Homework 1 – Capital letters on p4

Home learning task

Choose one item from the grid sent home to do with your child. There is a copy underneath for your reference.