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Home Learning

Week beginning Monday 20th July 2020

It is hard to believe that this is the end of the summer term and that you are all moving up to Year 3 after the holidays. Well done for all your hard work and dedication this year; you should all be very proud of yourselves. Thank you so much to both children and parents for all of your thoughtful words and gifts; we deeply appreciate your kindness.


A final goodbye also to Mrs Brett who has been a huge asset to the school with her can-do attitude and caring nature to all. You will be sorely missed but we hope you come back to visit us when you can. smiley


Below are the activities set for Monday and Tuesday this week as well as all of the resources you will need. Tuesday's life skills lesson is an assigned activity on Seesaw and will be visible to your child from 8am on Tuesday morning. 


Our class page will be archived from Thursday so we can put up information for our up-coming classes. Please remember to look at the Oak 3 page for ideas/activities to do over the summer if you wish.


From all of the Year 2 team at Cookham Rise, we would like to wish you a happy holiday. 


Monday 20th July 2020

Subject focus


Literacy task

My A to Z of the year.

Using the worksheet below (or your own piece of paper) write down something that you have learnt either at school or during home learning. It could be an actual theme, a lesson or a characteristic.


You could write PE, place value or perseverance for the letter P.

Or story writing, science and stamina for S.


Good luck!


Reading comprehension – Summer

Please find the worksheet attached below.

Maths task

Warm up

5 minutes of times tables rockstars.

Miss Wrightson is very excited to start the KS2 X-factor times table booklets with you, so try to keep up your hard work over the summer holidays.


Main Task


Place value worksheet.


Look at the differentiated worksheets below. Use the key at the top to work out the numbers and think about what the digit represents.



In the number 462 – the 4 represents 400, the 6 represents 60 and the 2 is just 2 on its own.


Remember that the answers are on the final pages.

Life skills

Positive Powers


Make your own word search using positive words about yourself. Write the words in horizontally, vertically or diagonally first, then fill in the spaces with other letters.


You can use the template attached below or create your own using a ruler and pencil/pen.


Tuesday 21st July 2020

Subject focus


Literacy task

Summer Bucket List


Using the worksheet attached below, write a bucket list for what you would like to do/achieve this summer. Remember to share this with your parents and see how many you can tick off!


When you have finished, try the end of year word search.

Maths task

Below is a booklet of Maths activities that you can either choose one page from for today or print off to keep you busy over the summer holidays.


Our class pages are being archived on Thursday for our new year group pages so remember to look at the archives if you want access to this resource at another time.

Life skills

Can you remember what the three parts of our brain we talk about in our MindUp lessons are called?


The pre-frontal cortex, the hippocampus and the amygdala.


Over the summer, there may be times when your guard dog (amygdala) is triggered. I would like you to think about what you can do to help calm your guard dog down if this happens.


Complete the assigned activity on Seesaw.


Then, if you haven’t already, listen to the most recent story I uploaded onto Seesaw as it mentions the different parts of our brains.



Brain Break.wav

Grid for home learning tasks