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Tuesday 16th  June

Subject focus


Literacy Task

The Tempest – Full five fathom



Using the work sheet below to come up with some ideas,  write an additional verse to Ariel’s Song. 


If you struggle then use the example to help you, changing the red words.

Spelling Task

Spelling zone – Watch the spelling video on Seesaw then complete the spelling zone, page 58.

Maths Task

Add 3-digit numbers using column addition and solve problems involving measures.


Complete the bronze or silver task using expanded or compact column addition. Remember to add the units onto your answers.


10 minutes of timetables rock stars


Brave new world: Geography (map work).  In Act I, Scene II, Ariel reports to Prospero that he has done as was asked of him, and has ensured that the king, his servants and Prince Ferdinand have all been separated from one another and have washed up on different shores of the island.  Use squared paper and ask draw your own map of the island, including the following features:

    1. The place Prince Ferdinand washes up on shore.
    2. The place the king and his followers wash up on shore.
    3. The place the servants wash up on shore.
    4. The place where Miranda and Prospero live.
    5. The pine tree from which Ariel was freed by Prospero.
    6. The rocks in the sea where the king’s ship was wrecked in the storm.

Please provide a key for your island map.