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Good morning everyone!  Really lovely to see some of you in school last week.  Those of you that weren’t in, you were missed heart

So on with our last full week at school.


Early Morning Task:


1 hour of activity

Mindfulness meditation – Kindness Ninja


Last week we read ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes.  This week, you will plan and write a short story based around your own robot hero.  Some of you had the opportunity last week to design a robot.  I have attached this template if you would like the opportunity to complete this.

Main activity: use the planning template to think through your story; upload your completed version to SeeSaw.  There is a prompt sheet to help you get started (just ignore the first page).



Find 3 pages from your CGP Maths books which you have not yet completed (they can be from different topics).  Complete them and upload photos of your work.



Last week in school, we learnt how to use Microsoft Sway.


This week, we are asking you to combine your topic and computing learning by creating a Microsoft Sway document to present information on any aspect of your ‘Storms and Shipwrecks’ topic this term.  So for example, if you enjoyed learning about the Titanic, or Horatio Nelson, or extreme weather conditions or lighthouses (these are just a few of the areas we covered – you may have another one in mind), present some of the information from that subject area in a Sway document. 

Alternatively, you could create a Sway document about one of the five oceans of the world.


Instructions for those who weren’t in school (and a reminder for those who were):

  1. Go to (office 365 login)
  2. Your email sign in is your Cookham Rise email address.  So for example, if my name was Faye Kirby, my email address would be
  3. Your password is the same as what you use to logon to any computer in school
  4. Select ‘Sway’.  This a presentation tool like Powerpoint, but looks better!  Select ‘start a new blank sway’.
  5. You can then add text as well as use the ‘insert’ tab on the right-hand-side of the screen to search up pictures which you can drag across to your presentation.
  6. The + button gives you all the options for each slide.
  7. When you have finished, click the 3 dots on the top right-hand-side of the screen in the black band.  Select ‘export’ and choose ‘PDF’.  This now means you can upload this document to SeeSaw.


Have a go – don’t worry if you struggle with it.  Remember, it is a learning process and you will only become better by practising and experimenting.