Cookham Rise Primary School

Upcoming Events


Thank you to everyone, parents, carers, and the children, for your help and your precious support this year, you have done tremendously well despite the circumstances! Enjoy a well-deserved summer holiday, we will be back in business in September to run our usual events, hopefully!


The PTA Committee.










Our next meeting will take place on the Wednesday the 15th September, at 7:30pm.

Details to be communicated soon.


We will be discussing how to spend what we raised and the organisation of events for this new school year. Come along if you have any suggestion to make or simply to see what we do, there is no obligation to enrol in any duty!


Every parent or carer of a child in the school is very welcome to come along, with an especially warm welcome to anyone coming for the first time.


See you there!


The PTA Committee








We are looking for someone who can bring some fresh ideas to promoting Cookham Rise and our fundraising activities.  It won’t be a big commitment, specifically we need someone to:


  • promote our organised events in school newsletter, Cookham noticeboard, etc.
  • take over the administration of our Facebook page
  • promote our Lottery and Easyfundraising activities  


The PTA meet once every half term and all parents and carers are welcome at any of these meetings.  If this is something you thing you can and would like to do to support our school, please come along to our next meeting, speak to your class rep, let the office know, or contact us via our Facebook page.


Thank you!



Cookham Rise Primary School has launched a lottery !!


As another way to raise money for its PTA, Cookham Rise Primary School has joined Your School Lottery scheme.


You can find more information on the process, how to sign in and any other details on our PTA webpage.


Hope many of you will support this initiative to help raising funds for Cookham Rise pupils!


The PTA Committee