Cookham Rise Primary School

The April 2020 toilet roll challenge

How creative can you be with a toilet roll?


Thank you to the staff for joining in over the weekend and being so creative. We are hoping to add lots of great pictures from families this week.

Staff Gallery

Miss Alington
Miss Evmorfopoulos
Miss Maher
Tess (Miss Maher's daughter)
Elsa preparing to make Olaf ...
Ms Jenkins
Mrs Warrington
Mrs A Bond
Mrs Allcock
Mrs B Bond
Mrs Bennett
Mrs Bown
Mrs Brett
Mrs Conroy
Mrs Hunter (and Bramble)
Megan Daniels
Mrs Daniels
Mrs Pocock
Mrs Mack
Mrs Mack
Mrs Rogers
'The Strawsons'
Mrs Parris

Family gallery

Annabel Terry
Olivia and Archie the cat
Rufus Read
Matilda Daniels
The Copping Family
The White Family
Aran Forrest
Henry Boulding
The Boulding Family
Fernandes family