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Wednesday 10th June  

Subject focus 


Literacy Task 

The Tempest – Comprehension  


Castaway comprehension (Act I, Scene II): Read the extract carefully and answer the comprehension questions.  

Spelling Task 

Unit 13 – Choose the right word 

Maths Task 

Count up to subtract any 3-digit from 3-digit number.  


Complete either the bronze or silver task using the counting up method.  


For support children may wish to draw out a number line.  


10 minutes of timetables rock stars 


Stormy sea  

Look at the images below of Turner’s storm paintings.  

What do you think each picture is showing and how do the pictures make you feel? 

The paintings are of stormy seas. Allegedly, Turner (the artist) actually tied himself to a mast of a ship during a particularly bad storm in Harwich so that he could experience what it was really like to be in among all those crashing waves. 

Task: Make your own stormy sea pictures in the style of Turner to illustrate the opening of The Tempest, using blending and layering techniques.  Think carefully about areas of light and dark in the picture. 

Topic / Art