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Tuesday 9th June  

Subject focus 


Literacy Task 

The Tempest – what do these words mean?  


Task 1: Read aloud  Act 1, scene 1 of The Tempest. What is happening in this scene?  What makes it hard to understand?   


Task 2: Complete the dictionary worksheet using a dictionary or the internet. (Note: for some of the more archaic words, the internet may need to be used to find definitions.) 

Task 3: Finally, re-read Act I, Scene I.  Is the  scene easier to understand now? 

Spelling Task 

Unit 13 - Four in a row

Maths Task 

Add three 2- and 3-digit numbers using column addition.  


Complete either the bronze or silver task using compact expanded column addition.  


10 minutes of timetables rock stars 




Task 1: Cut out the human bones and lay them out to create a skeleton.  


Task 2: Common Names Skeleton Labelling Sheet. Use the key words at the bottom of the page to label the skeleton.  


Extension: Do all animals have the same types of bones? Do the bones look alike? Have a go at the fish bones activity sheet.