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Cookham Rise Primary School

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Thursday 11th June 

Subject focus 


Literacy Task 

The Tempest – Drama  


Find a partner and act out Act I, Scene II of the Tempest.  

If you would like to be put in a class video then please upload your performance to SeeSaw.  


Spelling Task 

Jumping orange words. Test the children on the below six words. 

  • Question  

  • Naughty  

  • Heart   

  • Bicycle  

  • Enough  

  • Island 


Maths Task 

Count up to subtract any 3-digit from 3-digit number.  


Complete the task using the counting up method.  


For support children may wish to draw out a number line.  


Extension: Dicey Operations  


10 minutes of timetables rock stars 


All about the Human Skeleton  

Complete the writing project All About the Skeleton on Purple Mash. Think about;  

  • Bones – How many do we have in are body? Which bone is the largest / smallest?  

  • Purpose – What are the three main purposes of a skeleton? What would we look like without a skeleton?  

  • Strength – Bones contain lots of calcium. Why is it important to have lots of calcium in your diet, especially when your growing? Which types of food contain calcium?  

  • Joints – Bones are joined in different ways. Find out about different types of joints. Describe how they work and give examples of where you can find different types of joints in the human body. 

Make sure you read all the information provided before moving onto the task.