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Friday 19th  June 

Subject focus


Literacy Task

The Tempest -  Performance 

Task: 1

Four-legged monster: Performance (Act II, Scene II).  In this scene, Stephano finds Caliban and Trinculo hiding under the same cloak.  When he sees their four legs sticking out from the cloth, he assumes he has discovered a four-legged monster!  Find a partner and create your own four-legged monster by linking yourselves together.  You must then find a way of moving across the room together, as if you were one body with four legs!  

Task 2: Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban: Act 2 Scene 2. Follow the instructions on the worksheet.

Spelling Task

Dictation, page 60.

Maths Task

Choose an appropriate strategy to solve addition or subtraction


Complete the bronze, silver or gold task.


Extension: Diagonal sums


10 minutes of timetables rock stars


  • Sleeping spell (Music): In Act II, Scene I of  The Tempest,  Ariel sends Gonzalo, Alonso, Adrian and Francisco into an enchanted sleep, leaving Sebastian and Antonio awake to plot the murder of Alonso, who is King of Naples.  This scene provides an excellent opportunity for musical composition.

Compose a short piece of music to represent the ‘solemn music’ played by Ariel, which sends the noblemen to sleep.  When composing your music think about:

  1. How to mimic the rising and falling sounds of sleeping breath (perhaps with rising and falling scales, or with crescendo and diminuendo).
  2. How to control the tempo of the music to create a solemn atmosphere.
  3. How to use dynamics to contrast the noisy chatter of the noblemen with the peacefulness of their sleep.

You could use garage band which is free to download on an Ipad or 2 sequence on Purple Mash.