Cookham Rise Primary School

Beech 5

Welcome to Beech 5


We are very much looking forward to welcoming back all Year 5 children in September. Term starts on 2nd September and Mrs Daniels detailed the plans for the return of all children in the final school newsletter (13th July). 


Over the summer holidays, please keep reading!  Some suggested books and activities for the holidays can be found below.


Our topic in the autumn term will be "Attack!", where we will be finding out about the history of invasions of the United Kingdom, focusing mainly on the Romans and the Anglo-Saxons. More detail can be found by following the topic web link above.


Suggested summer holiday activities for Year 5 children


Take part in the library summer reading challenge. 


Earn up to eight Blue Peter badges

Visit a Roman site, such as Verulamium,Silchester or the Roman Baths

Prepare and enjoy a picnic in your garden or a local park

Read in as many different places as you can and listen to an audio book

Watch the stars and camp out in your back garden

Be a tourist for the day - visit the River Thames

Grow some herbs or vegetables on your kitchen windowsill.

Cook a meal using eggs

Go for a walk and use an OS map to plot your route

Wearing gloves, go on a litter pick in your local area


Take part in a virtual tour of Roman London

Build a den in the woods

Learn to wash a car

Go on a night hike with your family; see the sunrise and sunset

Practise real life-skills: use the washing machine, change your bed, fold and sort laundry


Create a scrap book or time-capsule about this extraordinary year

Go out on your bike!  Wear a helmet and make sure you can signal ready for Bikeability

Make a home for wild-life - build a bird house, bird table or insect home

Create a piece of artwork using natural materials, such as grass, leaves, twigs and flowers

Get your uniform, PE kit and pencil case ready for next year

Learn some Latin with a free online course

Make and fly a kite

Go blackberry picking- and maybe make some jam

Have a water-fight