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Cookham Rise Primary School

"We want all our children to SHINE"


We want our school community to SHINE as respectful members of society who show understanding and tolerance towards world religions.



At Cookham Rise, children will receive a broad and solid religious education about religions from around the world. It is important for all of our pupils to grow up to be understanding, empathetic and tolerant of others. The aim is for the children to have the knowledge of world religions and the skills to listen respectfully, discuss and develop understanding with members from the society.



In Religious Education we follow the Discovery RE scheme of work. This scheme of work is an enquiry-based approach to RE which focuses on a different religion every half term.

Every year group studies Christianity and one other religion. The scheme follows a spiral approach allowing the children to revisit religions and deepen their knowledge throughout their schooling.

It is important to allow the children an opportunity to explore their own spiritual development.

There are four steps in order to reach this goal:

  1. Engagement
  2. Investigation
  3. Evaluation
  4. Expression


By following these four steps, it promotes religious literacy by encouraging the children to gain knowledge and understanding of a range of religions worldwide. Using balanced discussions about religions and beliefs, the children develop consideration in regards to belonging, believing and behaving.

Other ways in which we promote a broad religious education is by reading stories, using real life examples that are in the news and bringing children’s attention to celebrations and traditions from around the world. This will ensure that all children understand the British values alongside excepting others beliefs.



Children at Cookham Rise Primary School will leave with knowledge and appreciation of religions from around the world. They will feel confident to ask questions and listen to what others have to say, supporting them in becoming respectful and positive members of society.

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