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Cookham Rise Primary School

"We want all our children to SHINE"



We want our school community to SHINE as digital learners, creators and collaborators.


We believe that the integration of technology into our curriculum will allow every child to achieve their personal best and access a world of opportunities.  We aim to prepare children to be "active participants in a digital world" and use "computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world".  Our children will undertake jobs that have not yet been created, using technology which has yet to be invented.  They need, therefore, to develop transferable skills and the ability to adapt and work with different technologies. 



To meet these aims, we have developed a curriculum that incorporates the use of both iPads and Windows-based devices, to equip children as fully as possible for our increasingly digital word. This approach is supplemented by the use of IT peripherals such as Micro Bits, BeeBots and robotic technology.


The Computing curriculum can be divided into three main strands:

- Information technology

- Digital literacy

- Computer science.


Under each strand and for each year group, we have developed a number of objectives that children should be able to achieve through our curriculum.  Teachers are encouraged to use IT across the curriculum and to incorporate the use of technology in all areas of the curriculum, recording this work digitally when appropriate, using Seesaw, our online learning journal.

During their time at Cookham Rise, children can expect to:

- Create programmes using Beebots, Logo, Scratch, Kodu and Swift

- Use a range of Microsoft software, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

- Manipulate images using programmes such as Sketches School, Paint, PurpleMash and SketchUp

- Create and edit podcasts and music, using apps such as GarageBand, Audacity and Opinion

- Create films and animations using iMovie, Clips, StopMotion and similar packages

- Search the Internet, developing their critical awareness and evaluating the reliability of digital content.

You can link to curriculum statements, by year group, below.


Underpinning our curriculum is the promotion of the safe and sensible use of technology.  We hold a whole-school annual Internet Safety Day to supplement in-class teaching and ask children to sign an Acceptable Use of Technology agreement. More information about these can be found below.

As well as a fully equipped IT suite, we have iPads and laptops available to use in each classroom.  Year 5 and 6 children benefit from access to an individual iPad.  Children and staff record evidence of work on Seesaw, our electronic learning journal and older children also use Teams to access and share their work.


More details of how to see your child's work on Seesaw are available from your child's class teacher. Children with a particular interest in IT may be given the opportunity to become a "digital leader," supporting their peers and staff in using technology.

Using Minecraft to help understand our planetImpact

Children leave Cookham Rise able to work confidently with a range of technology, creating programs using Scratch and other Blockley languages, as well as animations, movies and podcasts.  They are able to use Microsoft software, including Teams, ensuring they are prepared for blended learning at secondary school and beyond.


The impact of our Computing and digital learning curriculum resulted in every pupil within our school community accessing live lessons during lockdown, submitting work and receiving feedback from the teaching team via Seesaw and Teams.


We are very grateful to the Spoore, Merry and Rixman Foundation and the School PTA for their financial support in providing the school and its pupils with access to technology.

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Music composition

Developing computational thinking using Garage Band

Documentary making

Still image for this video
Children wrote, filmed and edited a David Attenborough inspired documentary.

Creating adverts

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An example of an advert to help save the Amazon!