Cookham Rise Primary School


The National Curriculum expects children to be “active participants in a digital world” and to “use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.”  The curriculum has three strands:  Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.


To help achieve these aims, Computing is used across the curriculum, in discrete Computing lessons and in cross-curricular activities.    

During their time at Cookham Rise, children can expect to:

- Create programmes using Scatch Junior, Logo, Scratch and Kodu

- Use a range of Microsoft software, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

- Manipulate images using programmes such as Paint, PurpleMash and SketchUp

- Create and edit podcasts and music, using apps such as GarageBand, Audacity and Opinion

- Create films and animations using iMovie, Clips, StopMotion and similar packages

- Search the Internet, developing their critical awareness and evaluating the reliability of digital content


Underpinning this, we promote the safe and sensible use of technology, holding an annual Internet Safety Day and asking KS2 children to sign an Acceptable Use of Technology agreement. More information about these can be found below.


As well as a fully equipped IT suite, we have iPads and laptops available to use in each classroom.  Children and staff record evidence of work on Seesaw, our electronic learning journal.  More details of how to see your child's work on Seesaw are available from your child's class teacher. Children with a particular interest in IT may be given the opportunity to become a "digital leader," supporting their peers and staff in using technology.



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