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Newsletter 6th April 2020

My thoughts have been very much with all of you over the past week. I have spoken to the teachers and so feel that I am keeping up-to-date with how our families are and it is lovely to have spoken to some of you myself.
I know that you are working hard on so many levels to try and do the right thing for your children so the first thing to say is please do be kind to yourselves. I really want us to work together to continue with your child’s education as best we can but the most important thing is for us all to emerge from this as sane as possible! Juggling your own work if you work from home, dealing with a range of different children's needs, IT issues, concern for the health of members of the family etc all mean that you may not be able to give home education the full attention you would like to in an ideal world. As we are not in an ideal world please just do what you can!
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